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Bau Dung educational experience-farm tourism model is to be available in Tuy Phuoc district




Provincial People Committee (PPC) has very lately issued a letter approving for an aducational experience - farm tourism project to be developed by Sen Viet Tourism Company in Phuoc An commune, Tuy Phuoc district


Accordingly, PPC has given approval for Sen Viet Tourism Joint Stock Company  to investigate, survey and formulate an educational experience-farm tourism project in the locality. The investor is required to develop a transport connection design and construction plan suitable with the characteristics of the project, develop a proper waste water treatment and garbage disposal plan. Also, the investor is encouraged to employ local labour force for the project, establishing a link with farmers in the area in order to develop aquaculture, fresh vegetable production to serve tourism.

Bau Dung educational experience-farm tourism model covers and an area of about 28.4 hectares, including 13.9 hectares of water surface rented for the project implementation and 14.5 hectares given the right  to protect and create the overall landscape. The project’s goals are to construct restaurants, houses, huts, to grow fruit, to establish aquaculture area, handicraft villages for tourists and visitors to get pleasant experience.... The project has total investment of VND 20 billion and it is expected to go into operation by the end of quarter  II/2019. 

The project will provide new tourism services, attracting a wide range of tourists, who will have hands on exciting daily activities on farms and taste and enjoy unique dishes ... The project also aims to provide meaningful education for students and young peoples opportunities of travelling, relaxation and useful experience in agriculture.





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