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Seagull hotel installs water purification system of Japanese technology




After the signingceremony between Sanicon company from Japan and the Construction Joint Stockcompany 47 on 12/06/2016, Seagull hotel is the first hotel in Binh Dinh toinstall a water purification system of high technology and internationalstandard. The total contract value is 19.824 million JPY (approximately VND 4.32billion).


View of the signingceremony

It’s a modern water purification system suppliedby Sanicon company, 100% of the system is manufactured in Japan using he mostadvanced purification technology. According to the company’s representatives ofSanicon, the filtration system has capacity of 6-10m3/hour, producinghigh quality water of purity and can be used at the tap without boiling, completelyeliminating dirt, impurities, bacteria, viruses, heavy metal ions while retainingessential minerals for human body.

Besides, alkalinity of water helps to neutralize theacidic environment in the body; water elements are broken down to help the bodyabsorb better and supplement negative ions in order to delay aging process andprotect the customers’ health at the hotel. Adopting the discipline"Japanese advanced environmental technology, good quality andmodernity", Sanicon is committed to providing safe product of goodstandard.


Seagull Hotel

Seagull hotel is affiliated with the ConstructionJS company 47, located in the centre of Quy Nhon city and close to the coast. Standingon the top floor of the hotel, guests have a chance to view the whole city orenjoy the first dawn sunlight on the sea. With modern European design, thehotel consists of 11 floors with 170 luxurious rooms of 4-star standard. On 8thJune 2016, the hotel was awarded with "Certificate of Excellence2016" from TripAdvisor (the largest travel website in the world). The awardis an honour hotel service businesses which consistently receive praises andhigh ratings from travellers.





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