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Marubeni Lumber company from Japan signed a contract to lease land in Nhon Hoi industrial park-Zone A




On the morning of 12 September 2016, at the office of Provincial People’s Committee (PPC), Marubeni Lumber company from Japan signed a contract to lease land in Nhon Hoi industrial park- Zone A of Sai Gon-Nhon Hoi Industrial park Joint Stock company.


The signing ceremony

The event was attended by Hitoshi Kato, Presidentof Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association in Sakai, Mr Takimono Jo – representativeof Marubeni Lumber company and some other representatives; PPC Chairman Ho QuocDung, Mr Le Huu Loc, PPC Chairman and Former President of Vietnam-Japan FriendshipAssociation in Binh Dinh and representatives of several sectors.

The signing ceremony is an important milestonefor the partnership of Japan and Binh Dinh over the last years; it is expectedto connect and draw Japanese investors in Binh Dinh in the upcoming time.


Mr Takimoto Jo-Representativein Vietnam of Marubeni Lumber company (first on the left) and Mr Hitoshi Kato atthe singing event

Marubeni Lumber companywill operate a plywood manufacturing company using acacia and eucalyptus materialmostly from the locality. This is the first project of Japanese investor inNhon Hoi economic zone and the fifth Japanese project in Binh Dinh.

At the meeting, Mr Takimoto Jo-representative of Marubeni Lumber companyexpressed deep gratefulness to the enthusiasm of Mr Hitoshi Kato and Chairman Ho Quoc Dung andrelated sectors for creating excellent conditions for the company. He hoped tocontinue to receive support in the near future.

To acknowledge contributions of Vietnam-Japan FriendshipAssociation in Sakai in making bridge for Japanese businesses to come to BinhDinh, especially Marubeni Lumber company, Chairman Ho Quoc Dung committed to provide thebest conditions for the company to kick off their operation in the locality. Theevent is a positive not only for Nhon Hoi industrial park but also for BinhDinh to attract a lot more eligible businesses to the area.





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