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Investment from Japan gradually increases




In the upcoming time, it is expected that more and more Japanese businesseswill come to Binh Dinh to employ investment in different sectors. It is due to positivesigns from a Japanese commission to Binh Dinh from 11th -18thSeptember 2016.


The signing ceremony betweenMarubeni Lumber company of Japan and Saigon-Nhon Hoi Industrial Park JS Company

BinhDinh, great market for Japanese

With its strategic location, sufficientinfrastructure, vibrant economy and stable economy and excellent support of thelocal government, Binh Dinh has gradually become a reliable address forinvestors, including Japanese investors.

After several trips to Japan to promoteinvestment, Binh Dinh now has a lot of chances to welcome Japanese businesseswho come to investigate for investment. The significant event was the visit of a Japanese delegation led by Mr. HitosshiKato, Chairman of the Vietnam - Japan Friendship Association in Sakai andseveral Japanese enterprises who signed a few important projects in the fieldsof agriculture, forestry industrial, infrastructure... It is expected to createimpetus for investment wave to Binh Dinh. The projects signed include:

- Marubeni Lumber company from Japan signed ina leasing contract with Saigon - Nhon Hoi Industrial Zone Joint Stock Company tolease the land use right for an area of 100,000m2 in Zone A,Nhon Hoi industrial park for 50 years; the project aims to invest in a plywoodmanufacturing plant with total capital of USD 5 million for stage 1. It isthe first project of a Japanese investor in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone project andthe 7th project of Japanese investment in Binh Dinh.

- Sanicon Company and Construction Joint StockCompany 47 signed in a supply and installation contract of water purificationsystems with advanced technology, ensuring the supply of 80m3/day for Seagull hotel. The total contractvalue is 19,82 million JPY (approximately VND 4,32 billion).  

The signing ceremonybetween Sanicon company and the Construction joint stock company 47

- Nipponkaikou company is to cooperate withthe Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to prepare documents ofrenovation project of Tam Quan fish port.

- Kei's Joint stock company invests in anorganic vegetable project in Binh Dinh with total capital of 3 million JPY, equivalentto VND 648 million VND in Nhon Hau commune, An Nhon provincial town. The projectaims to grow and trade organic vegetables using Japanese technology. Besides,in the framework of the project, the company will receive tow locals from VinhThanh district’s ethnic minorities sent to Japan to work and learn vegetablegrowing and beekeeping technology for two months.

- JSC Kei's collaborates with Thien Hungcompany to design and carry out investment of Japanese standards on landto the north of Nui Ba mountain.

Vigorous effortsin making policies to attract investment

In order to boost attract FDI inflows,including Japan, the local government has constantly offered suitable policies inline with socio-economic development, targetting at increasing science andtechnology content  and rate of value inproducts, the locality is focusing on fields with comparative advantages,independence and strategic significance for its sustainable growth.

Investment promotion plans to promotepotentials, favorable conditions, investment opportunities and incentive policieshave been actively formulated to uplift investment in the province. Reviews arefrequently implemented in order to check up project performance after grantinglicenses; delayed projects are terminated so that more eligible investors canbe invited to make investment in the province.

Realizationof the planned objectives

In the upcoming time, the objectives are to make more investmentin Nhon Hoi economic zone and industrial parks and convert them into key growthareas in the areas: industry, tourism, urbanisation, generating impetus so thatby 2020, Binh Dinh will achieve good growth rate in the central region.

The government will continue to lureinvestment in Nhon Hoi new urban area, Becamex Binh Dinh industrial, urban andservice area, and to construct  Nhon Hoiseaport in order to attract large-scale projects.

With endless efforts over the last few yearsof the leadership and relevant sectors, investment from Japan is proving fruitfulin the province of Binh Dinh.






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