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Dialogue between enterprises and the provincial leadership in Binh Dinh in 2016




Enterprisesare crucial resources of Binh Dinh province, their growth is the province’sgrowth; capacity and competitiveness of enterprises are the province’s capacityand competitiveness. That was asserted by Chairman Ho Quoc Dung at the Dialoguebetween enterprises and the provincial leadership in Binh Dinh in 2016.


Dialoguebetween the provincial leadership and entrepreneurs in the province in 2016

On the morning of 26th April,Binh Dinh provincial people committee (PPC) Chairman Ho Quoc Dung, Deputies andleaders of departments had a meeting with more than 250 entrepreneurs and firmsin the locality.

It is an event held annuallyso that enterprises can talk about their difficulties and express theirconcerns about investment environment and the provincial leadership canunderstand the current situation and review solutions for overall socialeconomic development in the locality.

In his opening speech, ChairmanHo Quoc Dung stressed that the province’s outcomes in 2015 come from greatcontribution of entrepreneurs and their investment. In 2015, 640 newenterprises and 280 branches and representative offices and this has reflectedthe recovery of the economy and the resilience of enterprises in the globalintegration and their strong belief in the investment environment in Binh Dinh.

The enterprises presentedopinions on land lease price and procedure, constraints of land clearance,preferential loan rate for manufacturing enterprises… Leaders andrepresentatives of related departments answered and clarified the questionsraised within their authority.

Emphasising the role ofenterprises in intensive global integration, Chairman Ho Quoc Dung affirmedthat the provincial leadership always identified enterprises as vital resourcesfor the province, their growth was the province’s growth. He appreciated thefrankness of entrepreneurs because it is important for the government andentrepreneurs to work together to solve the existing constraint, also it isimportant that the local government receives solutions recommended byentrepreneurs for the implementation of the locality’s socio-economicdevelopment targets.





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