Mitsubishi Corporation (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. visits to Binh Dinh to explore investment opportunities


On the afternoon of July 11, 2019, the delegation of Mitsubishi Corporation (Vietnam) Co., Ltd, led by Mr. Tetsu Funayama, President and General Director, visited Binh Dinh province. The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) Ho Quoc Dung, Vice Chairman Nguyen Phi Long and representatives of relevant departments and agencies attended the meeting with the delegation at the office of the PPC.


The meeting with Mitsubishi Corporation (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. company

At the meeting, Mr. Tetsu Funayama introduced the activities of Mitsubishi Corporation's, a global  enterprise, operating in areas such as industrial finance, energy, hardwear, mechanical machinery, chemicals, development of natural resources, ... Mitsubishi Corporation (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. has more than 200 offices and subsidiaries with more than 68,000 employees, and business development cooperation with about 1,200 companies and corporations in about 90 countries around the world.

Coming to Binh Dinh, Mr.Tetsu Funayama expressed his wish that in the coming time, Mitsubishi Corporation will have the opportunity to invest, cooperate in production and trading in areas such as  developing urban transport infrastructure, heath care via the development of hospital medical services, manufacture of automobile equipment, wood pellets, ...

Mr. Tetsu Funayama, Chairman and CEO of Mitsubishi Corporation Co., Ltd. (The third person from the right)

The PPC Chairman Ho Quoc Dung introduced the province's socio-economic situation, potentials and strengths and expressed thanks to Mitsubishi Corporation Co., Ltd. for their interest in Binh Dinh province. The Chairman hoped that in the coming time, the company would continue to introduce Japanese corporations and companies to invest in the fields Binh Dinh was calling for investment.

During the visit to Binh Dinh province, the concerned agencies took the delegation of Mitsubishi Corporation Co., Ltd. to visit Quy Nhon seaport; Becamex - Binh Dinh Industrial Park, Urban and Service Complex; Phu Tai manufacturing factory (producing wood pellets for export); Provincial General Hospital,...