Shiki Group explores investment opportunities in a high-end restaurant chain in Binh Dinh


Recently, at the Office of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC), Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Phi Long and leaders of concerned departments and sectors had a meeting with Shiki Group from Japan who came to explore opportunity of investing in a Japanese restaurant chain in Binh Dinh province.


The meeting of Shiki Group at the PPC

At the meeting, the PPC Vice Chairman Nguyen Phi Long asserted that Vietnam and Japan had established a comprehensive diplomatic relationship for many years in all fields. Binh Dinh has developed a close partnership with Sakai City and Kansai region of Japan for expanding economic exchanges, friendship and investment attraction.

Many missions of the Government and enterprises from Japan have conducted survey trips in Binh Dinh and planned for cooperation in energy, seaports, construction material, manufacturing, export health care, clean vegetables, wood, plywood, water supply, drainage, aquaculture...

At present, there are 75 FDI projects in Binh Dinh province with total registered capital of 741.87 million USD; of which, Japan has 13 investment projects with total registered capital of over USD 101.4 million.

Mr Koji Konno, Shiki's representative reveals that Shiki has over 300 restaurants in Sydney and Japan at the present. He is keen to invest in a traditional Japanese restaurant chain of high standard in Binh Dinh using material from Japan and also local fresh seafood source for its dishes. 

The Department of Planning and Investment recommended a number of locations such as Big C Trade Centre, Quy Nhon Trade Center, An Phu Thinh Trade Centre and TMS Tower for Shiki to study and select its project site.