Binh Dinh attracts large projects offering promising prosperity in 2017


During 2016, despite the existing economic - social difficulties, the province has gained significant growth thanks to the endless efforts of the local leadership and people.


Quy Nhon city gains significant outcomes of social-economical development in 2016

The economic development of the province is good as compared with the plan: the Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) increases 7.25% compared to 2010; of which agriculture, forestry and fisheries increase 4.12% compared with the plan of 3.5%, the construction and industry increases 9.17% compared with the plan 11.2%; services increase 8.25%; the agriculture and forestry ratio reaches 25.9%, the forestry 28.3%; seafood and industry 40.8%, construction and services in GRDP reaches 5% in 2016; the total export turnover reaches USD 730.5 million. The total investment capital in the region is approximately VND 28,464 billion, representing 47.4% of the GRDP while the plan was made for VND 28.000 billion, presenting 46.3% GRDP. Total revenue in the province is estimated to be around VND 5,993 billion, up 6.3% and up 3.9% compared to 2015.

Regarding the development of trade, service and tourism: Total retail sales of goods and services in 2016 are estimated to be around VND 51,773 billion, going up 11% compared with the previous stage. The Consumer price index (CPI) in November rises 0.44% compared with the previous month and increases 4.2%, an average of 11 months in 2016 increases by 2.94%. The export value is estimated around USD 730.5 million, reaching 100.1% of the plan and increases 4% in comparison with the same period. Service transport activities make good growth. The number of visitors to the province during the year is estimated to be more than 3.2 million, up 7.3%. Cargo handled through the seaports reaches  8.1 million tonnes, down 5.9% compared with the same period. With regard to finance and credit activities, total capital in the province until 31/12 / 2016 is VND 44,350 billion, up 20.6% compared with the beginning of the year.

Regarding agriculture, forestry, fisheries, environment and natural resource management, the production value of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in 2016 (compared to the year 2010) is estimated to be around VND 21,490.2 billion, up 4.1% compared with the same period; the production value of cultivation is approximately VND 6,565 billion, up 1.8%; the value of livestock production is around VND 6,693 billion, up 6.8%; the value of forestry output is around VND 835.2 billion, up 6.8%. Regarding the national target program for building new rural areas, the province continues to monitor and strengthen results of 28 communes already recognized as new rural communes, supporting 38 garbage trucks, constructing 162 waste collecting tanks and developing posters. In addition, 07 workshops on constructing new countryside are held with 560 p[participants. In 2016, 10 more communes are acknowledged as new countryside and so far 38/122 communes are recognized new countryside.

Regarding construction and industrial production: The value of industrial production (compared to 2010) is estimated to be around VND 34,746.7 billion, up 9.3% compared with the same period. In particular, the processing and manufacturing industry reached VND 33,389.5 billion, up 9.8%. Construction value in 2016 (in line with the comparison price 2010) is estimated to be around VND 13,776 billion, up 10.4%. In 2016, survey, design, construction activities are closely monitored; therefore, most projects’ progress is accelerated.

Regarding business management, development cooperation and investment attraction: Since early this year, 10 FDI projects with total capital of USD 84.5 million are granted licenses. Until now, the province has 68 FDI projects with total registered capital of USD 780.4 million. In terms of investment capital from official development assistance (ODA), in 2016, approximately VND 200.8 billion is disbursed. Currently, the province has 7 ODA projects in implementation with the total committed capital of VND 1,758.2 billion. Regarding business registration, 770 enterprises are established in 2016, with total capital around VND 3,310 billion, the average registered capital of 4.3 billion/enterprise, increasing 20% of the number of registered enterprises. By the end of 2016, the province has 5,550 registered enterprises in operation with total registered capital of VND 51,250 billion, registered capital of VND 9.23 billion/business averagely.

Regarding education-training, science-technology, information and communications: The percentage of high school graduates was 95%; as of the end of 2016, the province has 24 schools meeting the national standards. A competition for high school gifted students and a competition for excellent teachers of secondary school were successfully organized. Outstandingly, Le Nhat Hoang, a gifted student at Le Quy Don High School, attended the 57th Mathematics Olympic Exam in Hong Kong and gained Silver Medal.

The application of technology and scientific advances is a priority. The list of 13 topics of technological development and scientific research projects is approved. Various activities of technology application take place in the state organizations; for example the planning of the passive telecommunications infrastructure for the phase 2015-2020 and orientation to 2025 is completed, the public wifi system is started in the city of Quy Nhon, a workshop on contributing ideas for the Draft Plan of publishing, printing development and distribution of publications in Binh Dinh province in 2020 ...

Regarding the health sector: The province has 13 more communes meeting the national criteria for communal health care issued by the Ministry of Health, raising the number of communes meeting the national criteria of the Ministry of Health to 143/159, reaching the rate of 89.9%. the number of communes has doctors is 157/159, the rate of 98.7%; of which 135 communes have permanent doctors on site, 22 communes with doctors sent from the district level.

In general, though still facing various difficulties, in 2016 the locality did achieve positive outcomes in terms of socio-economical growth, the people's quality of life has gradually been lifted, importantly, social security continues to be maintained. In 2017, the local government will work hard to strengthen the results gained. The target is that GRDP will increase 7.7%, the ratio of agriculture, forestry, fisheries – industry, construction - services and tax minor subsidies in GRDP is 25.1% - 28.8% - 41.1% - 5%, the index of industrial production increases 8%, total export turnover reaches USD 800 million, total state revenue reaches VND 6128.6 billion and total revenue from investment for social development is expected to be around VND 31,490 billion....
Binh Dinh Province will continue to promote investment and diversify industry production; the local government is committed to assisting enterprises to overcome difficulties and increase their production and expand the market....