CJ Corporation (Korea) made a visit to Binh Dinh


On the morning of 16th August 2016, at the office of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC), Chairman Ho Quoc Dung had a friendly meeting with CJ Corporation (Korea) led by Mr. Chang Bok Sang, the President, during their visit for a survey in Binh Dinh. The meeting was attended by representatives of a number of departments and enterprises in the area.


CJ group (Korea) led by thepresident Chang Bok Sang (third from the right) at the meeting with the PPC 

CJ Corporation is one ofthe leading conglomerates in Korea with strong financial capabilities. Itsbusinesses consist of food and food services, pharmaceutics and biotechnology,entertainment and media, homeshopping and logistics. CJ president expressed their desire to investin Binh Dinh in pig breeding farm, entertainment centre and frozen seafoodprocessing plant…

On behalf of theprovince, Chairman Ho Quoc Dung appreciated the visit of CJ Corp. The Chairman assertedthat the fields which CJ was interested in Binh Dinh were what the locality wascalling for investment and that the province would create favourable conditionsfor CJ to launch their projects. Chairman Ho Quoc Dung highlighted thepotentials and significant advantages of natural conditions in the province interms of abundant natural landscape, cultural history, people... and other factorswhich make it more favorable for economic development. The Chairman stressedthat recently, Binh Dinh has become an attractive destination for domestic andforeign tourists and many large corporations have poured capital into their projectsin the province, such as: FLC Group, Hoa Sen Group, Truong Thanh Vietnam Group,Hung Vuong Corporation... The Chairman wished that CJ’s visit would initiateopportunities for Binh Dinh to cooperate with CJ in tourism, entertainment andfilm industry and Binh Dinh would be able to promote its potentials andstrengths.

President Chang Bok Sangthanked the province’s leaders for great welcome and useful informationprovided. The group promised they would make a visit back to the locality to understandmore about investment, tax policies and sites for their tentative projects.

In the afternoon of thesame day, the delegation surveyed Nhon Hoa industrial park and worked at CGVcinema, the existing project of CJ in Binh Dinh.