Quy Nhon Vocational Training Colleague granted graduation certificates for 29 students of southern Laos


On 15thAugust 2016, Quy Nhon Vocational Training Colleague held graduation ceremonyfor 29 students of 4 provinces of southern Laos, the course 2015-2016 and 979students of the courses 2013-2016 and 2014-2016. 


The graduation ceremony 

The ceremony was attended by Mr Ngo Xuan Thuy,Rector of the college, heads of different departments, teachers and students ofthe college; representatives of several department, Investment Promotion Centreand enterprises in the province. From Laos, Mr Khamsavang Chanthachac, ViceRector of Champasak (Laos) Training College also participated in the  event.

On behalf the college, the Rectorcongratulated the students and acknowledged their hard work; he especiallyreminded them to do their best to improve their skills at work aftergraduation.

Quy Nhon Vocational Training Colleaguepresented graduation certificates for 29 students of southern Laos of thecourse 2015-2016, of which 5 students were from Attapu, 5 from Sekong, 5 fromSalavan and 14 from Champasak.

At the ceremony, the college grantedgraduation certificates for 835 students of the course 2013 – 2016; for the 7thand 8th two-year courses, 144 students graduated and were granted certificates.

On this occasion, theConstruction Joint Stock Company 47, Viet Phat Electricical Engineering and Construction Co.,Ltd,An Nhon Garment Joint Stock company, the Joint Stock company Lilama 7 providedconsulting services and recruited staff.