Hoa Sen group – 15 years of steady and prosperous growth


On 6th August 2016, at the GEM conference centre, district 1, Ho Chi Minhcity, Hoa Sen group celebrated its 15 year anniversary and received Labour Medalof second class awarded by the President due to its outstanding achievements inthe production and operation process and contributions to the country’sdevelopment.


                 Leaders of different localities congratulated the success of Hoa Sen group

The event was attended by representatives of national ministries, leadersof several provinces and the group’s partners. Leaders of Binh Dinh provincialpeople’s committee, Department of Planning and Investment, Investment PromotionCentre and several related departments also attended the celebration.

With judicious and flexible leadership, nowadays Hoa Sen has almost 6,600staff, 8 large-scale plants and more than 200 distribution and retail branchesnationwide; its products are exported to 65 countries and territories,exceeding the output of more than 1 million tonne per year. Especially inFebruary 2016, Hoa Sen group was the first enterprise in Vietnam to export20,000 tonnes of steel sheet to America, which has affirmed the quality andtradename of Hoa Sen products in the world market.

Over the last 15 year, from a small enterprise, Hao Sen has steadily grownand developed into a strong group, holding number one position in steel sheetproduction in Vietnam with 40% of the steel sheet market and almost 20% ofsteel pipe market. The group is supplying the market with products ofinternational standard, good price, good delivery system and after-salesservices.

In the near future, Hoa Sen will continue to invest in domestic market andincrease exports, expanding the production system through construction of newplants in order to increase the supply capacity of steel sheet, plastic pipe inthe whole country. The group also aims to expand the distribution-retail branchsystem, increase the number of branches to 300 in the next 2 years, targettingat the output of 2 million tonnes per year. Besides, Hoa Sen will invest inother fields including real estates, tourism and services and become a leadingenterprise in multi-sectors.

At the celebration, Hoa Sen group proudly received a Labour Medal of secondclass awarded by the President.

In Binh Dinh, Hoa Sen has invested in 5 projects, of which Hoa Sen BinhDinh Steel Pipe Plant Project located in Nhon Hoa industrial park has gone intooperation; 4 other projecst are under construction, namely the Steel Plant constructedin an area of 12.4 ha in Nhon Hoi economic zone with total capital of VND 2,000billion, Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe Plant in Nhon Hoa industrial zone with totalcapital of VND 367 billion, the Trade Centre, Hotels and High-grade Apartment Projectwith capital of USA 250 million including 49 storeys (highest  in the central region of Vietnam) at 01 NgoMay, Quy Nhon city and the resort project at Hoi Van hot spring in Phu Catdistrict with total capital of USD 18.9 million.