FLC group inaugurated its mega-project in Binh Dinh


One year ago, few believed that there would beany magic happening for Nhon Ly beach, an area with abundant sunshine and wind.When the people here started to find out information about FLC group and whatthey were doing in other localities nationwide, at the groundbreaking ceremony ofFLC Quy Nhon beach and golf resort project, Mr Trinh Van Quyet, President ofFLC group management board asserted that the project would complete in a year.


Mr TrinhVan Quyet, President of FLC group management board promised to promote tourismimage of Quy Nhon city and Binh Dinh province

Since then, there are always 2,000 experts, engineers and construction workers who are working three shifts everyday to ensure the completion of the project, a lot of local people are very interested because it is the first time in their life they seeconstruction activities of such a large project. It is also the new way of construction that FLC group has performed.

Kickedoff since May 2015, with 12 months ofspeedy construction, so far the entire project including  FLC Quy Nhon gold course (Golf Links) and FLC Quy Nhon resort, villas and high-endentertainment component have officially been put into operation. Inparticular, FLC Quy Nhon course (Golf Links) is acknowledged as one of the three most beautiful golf courses in Asia; Wer Sul hotel holds the record for thelongest hotel in Vietnam and belongs to the top of the world's longest hotels. The project is affirmed to bethe largest and with the most rapid investment in Binh Dinh until now.

At the grandopening ceremony on 30th July, at Nhon Ly commune (Nhon Hoi Economic Zone), Mr.Ho Quoc Dung, Chairman of Binh Dinh provincial people’s committee stressed that the operation of FLC Quy Nhon beach andgolf resort project would create a fantastic highlight for Quy Nhon city, boost tourismin the locality, generate thousands of jobs for local people and makeimportant contribution to economic growth for Binh Dinh province in theupcoming years.

In the near furute, FLC group will continuewith other components of the project such as wild animal park, spiritual area, marineecotourism in Eo Gio beach  and other utilities  FLC Quy Nhon beach and golf resort. In addition, a hotel complex of Quy Nhon Sea Tower project including a 35-floortower will beconstructed on An Duong Vuong street, Quy Nhon city in the upcoming time.