High-level delegation of Binh Dinh province is going to visit southern provinces of Laos


Inorder to reinforce the cooperative relation among the localities and updatinginformation relating to the socio-economic growth and evaluate theimplementation of the Memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Binh Dinhprovince and provinces of southern Laos in the stage 2011-2016. The high-leveldelegation of Binh Dinh led by Chairman Ho Quoc Dung is going to make a visitto Laos from 10 – 17/7/2016.


A meeting of Binh Dinh province delegation and Champasak leaders,October 2014

Based on the positiveoutcomes of the last period, the high-level delegations of Binh Dinh provinceand provinces of Attapeu, Sekong, Salavan, Champasak will continue MOUs ininvestment, agriculture, industries and trade, education and training, healthcare, culture, sports and tourism...

In addition, thelocalities also paid much attention to foreign affairs relating to supportive proceduresfor Vietnamese from Binh Dinh who are living, studying, working or travelling inthe Southern provinces of Laos and vice versa; strengthen and developexternal relation activities through the Vietnam-Laos, Laos - Vietnam FriendshipAssociations in order to strengthen solidarity and partnership between BinhDinh and provinces of southern Laos.

Todate, total investment capital of Binh Dinh enterprises in Laos has reached approximatelyUSD 40 million. Binh Dinh has also supported southern provinces of Laos inagriculture, industries and trade, education and training, healthcare, cultureand sports... The positive outcomes of partnership programs  have made significant contribution to reinforcethe collaboration between Binh Dinh and the provinces of southern Laos...