Impressive festive day of Binh Dinh countrymen in Ho Chi Minh city


It has become an annual event for Binh Dinh peopleto meet during Binh Dinh countrymen festive day event in Ho Chi Minh city. Key activitiesfor this year which took place on 20th – 21st February2016 included inauguration of Quang Trung Emperor statue; seminar onconstruction of successful and prosperous Binh Dinh homeland, 3rd BiinhDinh festive day in Ho Chi Minh city.


A record of Quy Nhon fishcake with diameter of 1.5 metre, main raw material is mackerel and spices mixture. QuyNhon fish cakes are one of the famous specialties of Vietnam winning TOP Asiancuisine value acknowledged by Asia Book of Records in 2013

Inauguration of Quang Trung Emperor statue  

On themorning of 20/02/2016, at the campus of the Centre for National Defense and Security Educationof The Vietnam National University-HoChi Minh City, leaders of Binh Dinhprovince, members of Binh Dinh countrymen association in HCM city and Administrativeboard of the University who are Binh Dinh people attended the inaugurationceremony of Quang Trung Emperor statue.

QuangTrung Emperor statue with height of 4.96m, sponsored by Hung Thinh group is considered as symbol of strength and a tribute to theEmperor with famous victories in Vietnamese history for young students to beproud of and gain motivation from.

Seminar on construction of successful andprosperous Binh Dinh homeland

The seminar was held at the Conference Centre ofthe Reunification Palace. The discussion took place in an open,constructive and cooperative atmosphere, participants frankly expressedopinions and desire to boost the province’s growth

The discussion drew 400 participants. Manypeople suggested that the local government need to not only promote thelocality image and its investment climate of the locality but also to build agood brand name for Binh Dinh tourism, to reform administrative proceduresso that investors have to deal with the least steps and are provided withaccurate and timely information.

3rdfestive day of Binh Dinh people in HCM city

The event, which was organised on 21/02/2016 atVan Thanh Tourism Area, Binh Thanh district, Ho Chi Minh city, was a great opportunityfor Binh Dinh people in HCM city, entrepreneurs and tourists inside and outsidethe province to meet and exchange ideas for. Its purposes are to promote specialcultural values, cuisine and human characteristics of Binh Dinh. 

At the cellebration, the provincial peoplecommittee Chairman Ho Quoc Dung awarded merit certificates for 10 groups and 10individuals acknowledging their great contributions to the Binh Dinh countrymenassociation in Ho Chi Minh city, contributing to socio-economic development ofthe province. At the same time, the Liaison Board of the Associationannounced the establishment of Quang Trung Scholarship Fund, which is aimed to supportand encourage Binh Dinh students to overcome difficulties and perform the bestin HCM city.