Two new industrial clusters established in Hoai Nhon district


The provincial People's Committee has issued Decisions on the establishment of Hoai Thanh Tay industrial cluster in Ngoc An Trung village, Hoai Thanh Tay commune and Hoai Duc industrial cluster in Dien Khanh village, Hoai Duc commune, Hoai Nhon district. 


Illustrative picture

Accordingly, HoaiThanh Tay industrial complex covers 8.89 hectares, aiming to attractmanufacturing industries such as granite, centrifugal concrete pipes, garment,knitting, embroidery, carpentry, crafts and package printing.

Hoai Duc industrial cluster, covering58.93 hectares as in the planning, is aimed to attract investmentin the industries of garment, knitting, embroidery, carpentry,crafts, agricultural and forestry products, printing, packages, mechanics,refrigeration and processing of iron ore.

HoaiNhon district people committee is assigned to manage the investment and construction of Hoai Thanh Tay  and HoaiDuc industrial clusters and to ensure theeffectiveness and compliance with the approved planning and current regulationson construction and environment protection.