Binh Dinh entrepreneur contributes ideas for the work "Monument of Hoang Sa deceased soldiers"


It islittle known that the second prize for ideas for work plan Monument of Hoang Sadeceased soldiers" organised by Vietnam General Confederation of Labourhas contribution of an entrepreneur who comes from Binh Dinh martialland, the architect Le Phuong. 


Withthe theme "Tragic past tragic – Prosperous future", the design wasinspired by the courageous sails that embrace the island's land; lookingat the Paracel islands, an inseparable part of Vietnam Fatherland; 5 sailsgoing to the ocean symbolise an eternal flame; MT07 plan of the group Le Phuongand Nguyen Van Tat architects provides the viewers a master art with theme onmarine and island sovereignty of Vietnam. The work is considered special gratefulnessof Vietnamese current  generation to thepast and strong commitment to sustainable future and growth.

Artchitect Le Phuong is the President of the Member Board andalso the chief architect of T.M.N. Design - Construction Company Limited. The companyis specialised in design consulting and producing intelligent indoor furniture,industrial wood houses, prefabricated houses, wooden handicrafts, potteryproducts, indoors and outdoor furniture… with good reputation in the market.

This is one of the selected enterprises to accompany the PPC Chairmanduring the Investment promotion trip of Binh Dinh province to Japan in early 2016. MrLe Phuong said that to prepare for that upcoming trip, the company has preparednecessary documents; product portfolio to introduce to Japanese enterprises. Atthe same time, the company hopes to learn technologies from Japanese partnersin the same field, to find partners interested in the products of the company.