External relation and investment promotion activities diversified in May 2015


In 5/2015, external relation andinvestment promotion activities in Binh Dinh increases, which contributes toenhancing socio-economic investment and growth in the locality.


A delegation led by the Chairman Ho Quoc Dung came toThailand to meet with the Public Company Limited (PTT) in order to speed up theprogress of Nhon Hoi oil refinery and petrochemical complex (Victoria project);a team from Prince of Songkla and KST visited Quy Nhon university; PTT, ARAMCOand KST made visit to Binh Dinh to collect baseline data for the Environmentalimpact assessment of Victoria project.

Regarding NGO area, AIPF organization (America) was grantedthe permit to operate in Binh Dinh from 30/03/2015 to 08/02/2018 in education,awareness raising in education, traffic safety, charity surgeries for childrenwith reproductive organ defects from birth or due to accidents. In addition,EMW and VHAH organizations have rented office in the province.

Binh Dinh Medical College collaborated with the ConstructionJoint Stock Company 47 and the Management Board (Japan) organized a workshop tointroduce the programme of bring nurse to Japan. Accordingly, students of thecollege can go to Japan and they need N1 certificate of Japanese language,nursing degree in Vietnam and nursing certificate approved by Japan.. 

Regarding operation with Southern Laos, the provincialPeople’s committee has approved to proved 5 scholarships for Champasak studentsin the school year 2015-2016 as specified in the MOU between the two provinces.

Yamada group led by Mr Masoyoka visited Binh Dinh and agreedto supply 25 tuna fishing sets for farmers in Binh Dinh via JICA

Furthermore, Yanmar group (Singapore) was granted investmentcertificate to carry out Yanmar ship building project in Vietnam. The projecthas total capital of USD 4 million and is expected to go into operation in thenear future