Action plan to improve the business environment and raise the provincial competitiveness until 2015 in line with Resolution 19 of the Government


Upon implementation ofthe Government’ Resolution regarding tasks, solutions for improving the business environment and raising thenational competitiveness, the provincial people’s committee (PPC) has developedaction plan to improve the business environment and raise the provincialcompetitiveness index (PCI) until 2015.


Accordingly, the targetof Binh Dinh is to maintain PCI high rank, particularly in High or Mid-Highgroup (ranked 1-20th)

In order to achieve theplanned target, it is required that causes, constraints and solutions areidentified; and feasible solutions developed. Therefore, 10 issues need to beaddressed including business support service, labour training, legalinstitutions, land access & tenure, entry cost, transparency, time cost,informal charges, equal competitive environment, pro-activeness in solvingcorporate issues.

In particular, alldepartments, sectors and PCs of city/towns and districts are required to:

(1) Continue to strictly implementthe Directive 07/CT-UBND dated 10/6/2011, it is required that Department ofInvestment and Planning follows up the execution process of this Directive.

(2) Leaders of allsectors and levels increase dialogues with businesses, regularly have meetingsand contacts to understand their difficulties so that timely solutions can be createdto help them. Annually, PPC held two dialogues with businesses in order to sortout solutions for corporate constraints. In the nearest future, Department ofPlanning and Investment (DPI) is assigned to collaborate with VCCI and relevantagencies in the locality to organize a dialogue in June 2014.

(3) Department of Informationand Communication is to support other departments, sectors and localities toimprove websites in order to enhance information dissemination on media,increasing transparency regulations and policies, especially policies on investmentattraction, administrative procedures, new regulations, information onplanning.. so that enterprises can get access to necessary information fortheir manufacture and trade and organization of their activities.

(4) It is required that agenciesand localities enhance administrative reform, shorten time for admin proceduresrelating to establishment and operation of enterprises, meeting the increasingcorporate demand on public service. In addition, officials are asked to improveworking attitude, understand laws and legislation well to accompany businesses.

(5) Concerning agenciesneed to provide timely support for the PPC in identifying reasonable land leasecost so that a balance of public budget and investment attraction policies canbe made for each period, and competitiveness is ensured.

(6) Concerning sectorsmust complete their general planning, land use and construction plan so thatthe investment promotion centre (IPC) can be more proactive in luring investmentand investors do not have to wait. Regarding important projects, especiallyprojects using land, Department of Construction is assigned to collaborate withrelated agencies to address criteria, then the IPC is to look for suitableinvestors.

(7) Provincial LandResource Development Centre and PCs of districts are to prepare clean land sothat resettlement are can be arranged and land clearance is not a problem fornew projects in the future.