Agreement signed on the results-based water supply and sanitation project (WASHOBA)


In the afternoon of 29th November 2013, at the Office of the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC),The PPC Deputy Mai Thanh Thang and Country Director of East Meets West Foundation signed an agreement for the project of Water supply and Sanitation based on outcomes (WASHOBA). The meeting was attended by representatives of Departments: Agriculture and Rural Development, Finance, Planning and Investment, Foreign Affairs, Health; Women’s Association, Clean Water and Rural Sanitation Centre, Preventive Medicine Centre and Investment Promotion Centre.


The PPC Deputy Mai Thanh Thang and Ms Nguyen Minh Chau, the EMW Country Director sign the agreement

According to the agreement, WASHOBA in Binh Dinhaims to improve living conditions and health for people in rural area. Withexpected capital of AUD 687,510 funded by the EMW, the project consists of twocomponents: water supply and rural sanitation. In which, funding for the cleanwater component is 500,000 AUD and for hygiene is 187,510 AUD. The Clean Waterand Rural Sanitation Centre takes responsibility for the water supply componentand Preventive Medicine Centre the sanitation component.

In particular, with the water supply component,the EMW will support upgrading and expanding water pump stations recommended bythe Clean Water and Rural Hygiene Centre, support workshops on management andsustainable maintenance for water supply stations in selected areas. The watersupply component is expected to run on two system and benefit about 3,254households in the project area. With the sanitation component, the project willsupport poor households to build hygienic toilettes and change their hygienebehaviours in order to improve community sanitation, supporting the communityin achieving the hygiene criteria in the national target programme of cleanwater and sanitation - stage 3

The two components of the project will kick offsoon after the agreement is signed until 2017.