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Seminar on “Binh Dinh - Investment opportunities for Japanese businesses”: a breakthrough in attracting investment of the province


The fact that Binh Dinh businesses find partners, Japanese investorsstart to look for investment opportunities in Binh Dinh is the expectations of notonly Chairman of Binh Dinh province, the leader and the whole delegation butalso of Binh Dinh province’s people after the seminar on Binh Dinh-Investmentopportunities for Japanese businesses which took place in the morning of 14thJanuary 2016 in Osaka, Japan.


Binh Dinh province leader consults Mr. Hitoshi Kato for investment promotion activities


To prepare for upcoming investment promotiontrip in Japan , from 21 – 26/12/2016, Binh Dinh province organised severalmeetings with Mr. Hitoshi Kato – President of Kato Group and President of Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association in Sakai. The meeting was attended byleaders of Provincial People's Committee, Department of Planning andInvestment, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and a number of enterpriseslooking forward to get access to Japanese market and joining in the trip suchas Anh Vy Co. Ltd., T . M . N Co. Ltd., Minh Du poultrybreeds Co. Ltd., Ngoc An Coconut oil cooperative…


Strengthening the Supportive team for Becamex project in Binh Dinh province


On 10thDecember 2015, Binh Dinh provincial People’s Committee issued a decision restrengthening the Supportive Team for Becamex project to assist theinvestor during feasibility study and implementation of necessary proceduresfor the project in the locality.


Tuy Phuoc: new investment in building a cuisine and relaxation complex


Recently, Binh Dinh Province People'sCommittee has approved for Thanh Ngan Joint Stock Company to invest in a cuisineand relaxation complex in Huynh Mai village, Phuoc Nghia commune, Tuy Phuocdistrict. 


International workshop "Promoting tourism linkage between the Central Coastal region and the Southeastern region, the Central Highlands and the provinces from Southern Laos and Northeastern Cambodia"


On 11th and12th 2015, at Sealinks Beach Hotel, Phan Thiet City, Binh ThuanProvince People's Committee in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture,Sports and Tourism and the Central Coastal Coordination Committee held anInternational conference "Linking tourism development in the Central Coastregion with the South East region, the Central Highlands, the Southern Laos andnortheast Cambodia". 


Gift by Design Company Ltd. from Korea investigates for investment in Binh Dinh


On 25/8/2015, the Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People’sCommittee (PPC), Mr Ho Quoc Dung receivedMr Hack Kil Kim, President and Mr Hak Sub Kim, General Director of Gift byDesign, a Korean enterprise. The meeting was attended by the leaders ofDepartment of Department of Planning and Investment, Economic ZoneAdministration (BEZA) and Investment Promotion Centre 


Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company investigates to carry out several big projects in Binh Dinh province


In 2015, Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company is investigating to kick offseveral big projects in Binh Dinh province including pig  breed farm applying the Danish technology andAmerican high quality in two communes of Cat Lam and Cat Hiep communes (nearly200 ha in Phu Cat district); seafood processing plants and cold storage in CatKhanh Industrial Cluster (Phu Cat district); feed processing plant in AnNhon town ... That was confirmed by Duong Ngoc Minh, Chairman of the ManagementBoard cum CEO of Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company at the meeting with Binh DInh provincialleaders on 17th August 2015.


MOU signed between Binh Dinh Provincial People's Committee (PPC) and Becamex IDC Corporation


On the morning of07/8/2015, leaders of Binh Dinh PPC had a meeting with the visiting team of BinhDuong PPC to discuss the implementation of economic cooperation and developmentbetween the two provinces.


New project proposal of an animal slaughtering and frozen food processing plant approved


A new approval has been made by the ViceChairwoman of the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) for Quang Nam foodprocessing Company Ltd. to carry our procedures to construct an animal slaughtering andfrozen food processing plant in Nhon Binh ward, Quy Nhon city on an area of21,000m2.


Cooperation and promotion for investment, trade and tourism development in Kon Tum 2015


On 2nd April,in Kon Tum city, the Provincial People’s Committee organized a conference of development cooperation amonglocalities of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand and conference of investment, trade and tourism promotion. This ispart of a series of events of operation in investment, trade and tourismdevelopment in Kon Tum 2015.


6 kinds of tourism with investment priority


6 kind of tourism with investmentpriority in Binh Dinh include sea-based tourism, cultural tourism, history-basedtourism, spiritual tourism, and relaxation tourism, Mice (Meeting-Incentive-Convention-Exhibition)tourism in combination with science tourism, recreation and communityactivities.


Investment proposal of 02 education projects of Kinderworld approved


On 29/01/2015, theprovincial people’s committee granted approval for KinderWorld group (Singapore)to proceed with investment procedures for Vietnam-Singapore International School(SVIS) and Outward Bound Vietnam School.


FDI in education is shifting direction


 A good number of FDI projects in educationhave shifted direction to other provinces outside Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh cities.


Two possible projects of Kinderworld group (Singapore) promoted in Binh Dinh


On08/01/2015, Chairman of Binh Dinh provincial People’s Committee had a meetingwith Kinderworldgroup (Singapore) after the team had a visit to survey locations introduced forSingapore-Vietnam International School (SVIS) and the Outward Bound School projects. 


Amata group (Thailand) looks for investment opportunities in Binh Dinh


From25th December to 26th December 2014, a visiting team ofAmata group (Thailand) led by PhD. Huynh Ngoc Phien, Chairman of ManagementBoard, Amata Vietnam Joint Stock Company, came to Binh Dinh 


Binh Dinh participates in Investment Promotion Conference in Da Lat


A conference on investment promotion and tradeconnection organized by Lam Dong Provincial People’s Committee in collaborationwith Foreign Investment Agency – Ministry of Planning and Investment takesplace on 25/12/2014 in Da Lat city, Lam Dong province. The conference wasattended by numerous enterprises, associations, leaders and representatives ofprovinces, departments and foreign investors.


Investment in Cu Lao Xanh island approved


On 05/11/2014, theprovincial people’s committee granted approval for Tan Phat Mineral Trade CompanyLtd.  to prepare for investment in anecological area in Cu Lao Xanh island, Nhon Chau commune, Quy Nhon city. Theproject has total capital of VND 40 billlion, with the purpose of meeting therecreational demand of people.


Economic Cooperation Forum between Highland, Central Southern provinces of Vietnam and Central Southern provinces of Laos


On02nd November 2014, Vietnam-Laos Cooperation Department, the Associtionof Vietnamese Investors in Laos (AVIL) and the Vietnamese Bank for Investmentand Development and Binh Dinh province collaborated to hold a ‘Forum on economic cooperation between Highland, CentralSouthern provinces of Vietnam and Central Southern provinces of Laos’ in QuyNhon city.


Japanese newspaper appreciates new potential for Binh Dinh fisheries sector


On 22nd October 2014,Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee led a delegation to visit Hokugancompany in Okiwana province– Japan. It was the sixth day of Binh Dinh visit to Japan inorder to promote investment  for the province from 17/10 – 25/10/2014.


Approval given for the feasibility report on the petro-chemical refinery project in Nhon Hoi EZ


Onthe morning of 30/9/2014, in the office of Ministry of Industry and Trade(MoIT), Ha Noi. the evaluation council of the petrochemical refinery projectin Nhon Hoi economic zone, Binh Dinh province approved the feasibility reportof the project


» NOTICE OF EXPRESSION OF INTEREST - ‘Converting part of Nhon Hoi Tourist Service - Trade Center Project area to urban residential land’ Project

» Notice of interest - Selecting investors to implement Northeast Dieu Tri Green Urban Area, Tuy Phươc district

» Notice of interest Selecting investors to implement Tourist attraction No. 2A, Quy Nhon - Song Cau route

» Notice of interest Selecting investors to implement Anh Viet residential area

» Notice of interest Selecting investors to implement Hoi Van resort, health care and residential area

» Notice of interest Selecting investors to implement Diem Van Ecotourism and urban area, Tuy Phuoc district, Binh Dinh province

» NOTICE OF INTEREST - Selecting investors to implement Long Van 2 Urban Area Project in Tran Quang Dieu ward, Quy Nhon city

» NOTICE OF INTEREST Selecting investors to implement Long Van 3 Urban Area Project in Bui Thi Xuan ward, Quy Nhon city

» NOTICE OF INTEREST - Selecting investors to implement Long Van 4 Urban Area Project in Bui Thi Xuan ward, Quy Nhon city

» Notice of extension of bid closing time and adjustment, supplementation of criteria for preliminary assessment of capacity and experience for two projects of Urban Area 1 and Urban Area 2 westward Highway 19 (new) at NDT 1 and NDT 2, Nhon Binh ward, Quy N

» Calling for investment in the Urban Area NĐT1 Project westward from National Highway 19 (new)

» Calling for investment in the Urban Area NĐT2 Project westward from National Highway 19 (new)

» Calling for investment in an Artificial Intelligence Centre - Urban Ancillary Facilities

» Notice Invitation for Prequalification Applications to select the investor for Cho Goc market (CG-01) New Urban Area in Nhon Binh ward, Quy Nhon city


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