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Recommending sites for CJ group (Korean) to expand production in Binh Dinh


Afterthe meeting between the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Chairman Ho QuocDung with the visiting team of CJ group (Korea), the Investment PromotionCentre (IPC) of Department of Planning and Investment is making recommendationsof locations for the investor to conduct surveys and researches for their projectsin Binh Dinh.


PPC Chairman meeting with Waz Lian company (Malaysia)


On 19th July at the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) office, Chairman Ho Quoc Dung and leaders of related departments had a meeting with Waz Lian company (Malaysia) led by Ms Ta Hui Hean, the management board’s Vice President of the company, who came to Binh Dinh to look for investment opportunity.


Free wifi access for Quy Nhon city


Vietnam Multimedia Corporation (VTC) and Truong Thanh Vietnam company are in the process of making proposal for investment in a free wifi system in Quy Nhon city serve residents and visitors


Taipei companies express interest to invest in textile and garment super-projects in Binh Dinh


On the afternoon of 11th June, Binh Dinh ProvincialPeople’s Committee (PPC) in collaboration with Commercial Bank for Investmentand Development of Vietnam (BIDV), Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in HoChi Minh City (TECO) held a dialogue between leaders of Binh Dinh Province and Taiwaninvestors and enterprises in Ho Chi Minh city. The event was attended byapproximately 100 Taipei enterprises and more than 30 domesticenterprises. 


SBH Hotels & Resorts investigates for investment in Binh Dinh


On the morning of 13th May 2016, the Investment promotion center(IPC) took Mr José Sánchez-Barroso González, the Vice Honorary Consul of Spainin Center of Vietnam and two representatives of SBH Hotels & Resortslocated in Spain to the tourist venue No.8 (Bai Dai) on Quy Nhon - Song Cau tourismroute for investigation. This is a venue drawing a lot of attention ofinvestors recently.


The planning of Becamex industrial, urban and service zone approved


The Prime Minister has recently approved to add Becamex– Binh Dinh industrial, urban and service zone to the planning of Nhon HoiEconomic Zone. 


20 enterprises from Binh Dinh nominated in Top 500 fastest growing enterprises and 5 enterprises with the best prospect in 2016


It has been a great privilege for Binh Dinh to have 20 enterprises inthe Top 500 fastest growing enterprises (FAST500) and 5 enterprises with thebest prospect (BP500) in Vietnam in 2016. The announcement ceremony will beheld on 12th April 2016 at the National Conference Centre, Ha Noi.


Binh Dinh tourism is accelerating


Theconference on investment promotion and tourism development of Binh Dinh 2016 tookplace on 3rd April 2016 in the city of Quy Nhon is an importantmilestone for the transformation of economic structure of Binh Dinh province.


Ho Nui Mot lake – a splendid picture of nature


Binh Dinh has a good variety of beautifullandscape and Ho Nui Mot has long been acknowledged as a place with splendidnature.


Let's wake up "a fairy" inside Quy Nhon city


Quy Nhon beach or Queenbeach is always thought of when addressing Binh Dinh tourism. Few people knowthat in Binh Dinh, Vung Chua mountain is also every popular – in fact, it possessespristine beauty and charm like "a fairy" which has not been awakened.


Preparation made for Binh Dinh investment promotion and tourism development conference 2016


In order to boost tourismdevelopment in 2016 and convert Binh Dinh province into an area with goodgrowth rate in the central region of Vietnam in the next 5 years (2016-2020),Binh Dinh Province People's Committee (PPC) in collaboration with the JointStock Commercial Bank for Investment and development of Vietnam (BIDV) plans toorganise Binh Dinh Investment Promotion and Tourism Promotion Conference 2016.It is expected to take place in early April 2016.


Impressive festive day of Binh Dinh countrymen in Ho Chi Minh city


It has become an annual event for Binh Dinh peopleto meet during Binh Dinh countrymen festive day event in Ho Chi Minh city. Key activitiesfor this year which took place on 20th – 21st February2016 included inauguration of Quang Trung Emperor statue; seminar onconstruction of successful and prosperous Binh Dinh homeland, 3rd BiinhDinh festive day in Ho Chi Minh city.


A retrospect of the investment promotion trip in Japan


From 10/01/2016 to 18/01/2016, a delegtionof Binh Dinh province led by PPC Chairman Ho Quoc Dung made a visit to Japanfor investment promotion. Binh Dinh investment promotion centre (IPC) accompanyingthe delegation had a report on the entire trip. 


Seminar on “Binh Dinh - Investment opportunities for Japanese businesses”: a breakthrough in attracting investment of the province


The fact that Binh Dinh businesses find partners, Japanese investorsstart to look for investment opportunities in Binh Dinh is the expectations of notonly Chairman of Binh Dinh province, the leader and the whole delegation butalso of Binh Dinh province’s people after the seminar on Binh Dinh-Investmentopportunities for Japanese businesses which took place in the morning of 14thJanuary 2016 in Osaka, Japan.


Binh Dinh province leader consults Mr. Hitoshi Kato for investment promotion activities


To prepare for upcoming investment promotiontrip in Japan , from 21 – 26/12/2016, Binh Dinh province organised severalmeetings with Mr. Hitoshi Kato – President of Kato Group and President of Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association in Sakai. The meeting was attended byleaders of Provincial People's Committee, Department of Planning andInvestment, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and a number of enterpriseslooking forward to get access to Japanese market and joining in the trip suchas Anh Vy Co. Ltd., T . M . N Co. Ltd., Minh Du poultrybreeds Co. Ltd., Ngoc An Coconut oil cooperative…


Strengthening the Supportive team for Becamex project in Binh Dinh province


On 10thDecember 2015, Binh Dinh provincial People’s Committee issued a decision restrengthening the Supportive Team for Becamex project to assist theinvestor during feasibility study and implementation of necessary proceduresfor the project in the locality.


Tuy Phuoc: new investment in building a cuisine and relaxation complex


Recently, Binh Dinh Province People'sCommittee has approved for Thanh Ngan Joint Stock Company to invest in a cuisineand relaxation complex in Huynh Mai village, Phuoc Nghia commune, Tuy Phuocdistrict. 


International workshop "Promoting tourism linkage between the Central Coastal region and the Southeastern region, the Central Highlands and the provinces from Southern Laos and Northeastern Cambodia"


On 11th and12th 2015, at Sealinks Beach Hotel, Phan Thiet City, Binh ThuanProvince People's Committee in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture,Sports and Tourism and the Central Coastal Coordination Committee held anInternational conference "Linking tourism development in the Central Coastregion with the South East region, the Central Highlands, the Southern Laos andnortheast Cambodia". 


Gift by Design Company Ltd. from Korea investigates for investment in Binh Dinh


On 25/8/2015, the Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People’sCommittee (PPC), Mr Ho Quoc Dung receivedMr Hack Kil Kim, President and Mr Hak Sub Kim, General Director of Gift byDesign, a Korean enterprise. The meeting was attended by the leaders ofDepartment of Department of Planning and Investment, Economic ZoneAdministration (BEZA) and Investment Promotion Centre 


Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company investigates to carry out several big projects in Binh Dinh province


In 2015, Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company is investigating to kick offseveral big projects in Binh Dinh province including pig  breed farm applying the Danish technology andAmerican high quality in two communes of Cat Lam and Cat Hiep communes (nearly200 ha in Phu Cat district); seafood processing plants and cold storage in CatKhanh Industrial Cluster (Phu Cat district); feed processing plant in AnNhon town ... That was confirmed by Duong Ngoc Minh, Chairman of the ManagementBoard cum CEO of Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company at the meeting with Binh DInh provincialleaders on 17th August 2015.


» Notice Invitation for Prequalification Applications to select the investor for Cho Goc market (CG-01) New Urban Area in Nhon Binh ward, Quy Nhon city


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