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Inaugurating the first golf course of Binh Dinh - new record of FLC group


On the afternoon of 30thJanuary 2016, a 18-hole golf course of internationalstandard in Nhon Ly FLC project of golf course, resorts, villas and high-grade entertainmentcomplex was inaugurated and put into operation.


Approving for proposal of Ban Thanh residence area construction


The provincialpeople’s committee has issued Decision No. 30/QĐ-UBND approving for a jointventure of Quang Loi company and Nhat Duy Transport Service and Trade companyLtd. to implement Ban Thanh residence area construction in Dap Da ward, An Nhontown, Binh Dinh province. Total capital for the project is expected to bearound VND 570 billion.


More investment proposal in four stars hotel in Quy Nhon city


On 08/01/2016, Chairman ofthe provincial people’s committee approved for BMC Construction Material and Tradeto proceed with survey and investigation to prepare for a hotel, tourism and servicecomplex in Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province.


Binh Dinh welcomes new year with new project of VND 2,000 billion of Hoa Sen group


"Itis not only a significant event of Lotus group, it but also marks thedevelopment of provincial industries; with reputation, competence andexperience of Hoa Sen Group, I believe the project will ensure quality, go onschedule and in time to meet the demand for products in the market", saidMr Ho Quoc Dung, Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) atthe groundbreaking ceremony of Hoa Sen Steel Plant project in NhonHoi economic zone.  


Handling one millionth ton of goods, Thi Nai seaport asserts its position in marinetime and logistics area


In the afternoon of 08 January 2016, managersand staff of Thi Nai seaport celebrated its one millionth ton of goods in theyear 2015. This is a significant event in the construction and development processof Thi Nai seaport. The celebration was attended by representatives ofVietnam Maritime Administration, leaders of the provincial People’s Committeeand the provincial departments and sectors.


Approving investment in Hoang Gia Tam Quan general service – tourism area project in Hoai Nhon


On 12/15/2015, Binh Dinh Province People's Committee (PPC)issued approval decision for Hai Nguyen company Ltd. to invest in Hoang Gia TamQuan general service - tourism area project in Tam Quan Bac commune, Hoai Nhondistrict, Binh Dinh province.


Approving investment in high quality beef cattle farming


On 14/12/2015, BinhDinh provincial people’s committee (PPC) issued approval for Binh Dinh Agricultureand Forestry Investment Joint Stock company to implement high quality beef cattlefarming project in Canh Hien commune, Canh Vinh district. 


FLC invests in high class eco-tourist resort in Eo Gio beach


Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committeehas approved for FLC group to invest in Eo Gio high class eco-tourism resortwith total capital of VND 1,600 billion


Raising salanganes indoor and growing agricultural plants applying high-tech


On 10.15.2015, the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) issued approval forYen Quang Company Limited to carry out the project ‘Raising salanganes indoorand growing agricultural plants applying high-tech in Nhon Phu Ward, Quy Nhoncity.


Investment in processing and studying to improve technology, production equipment of clean salt and refined salt for pharmaceutical sector and other industries


Recently, Vice Chairman Tran Thi Thu Ha signeda Decision approving for Binh Dinh Salt and Food Joint Stock Company to carryout a project of processing and studying to improve technology, productionequipment of clean salt and refined salt for pharmaceutical sector and otherindustries in Binh Dinh province. 


Viet Uc group realises aspiration "Enhancing Vietnamese Shrimps" with a new large-scale project in Binh Dinh


On the morning of 10/09/2015, at Hoa Hoi Nam,My Thanh commune, Phu My district of Binh Dinh province, Viet Uc group organisedthe ground-breaking ceremony of the ‘super-intensive shrimp farm in glasshouses’ project. 


Ground breaking ceremony of Cu Mong pass tunnel construction


Late on the morning of 26th September, Ministry of Transportand Communication (MTC) in collaboration with Deo Ca Investment Pass JointStock company held a ground breakingceremony of Cu Mong pass tunnel construction (under Deo Ca pass constructionproject).


Applying high tech in shrimp farm in Phu Cat district


On 17/9/2015, Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committeeissued approval for Thanh Ly Company Limited to invest in a commercial shrimpfarming project applying high technology in Cat Hai and Cat Thanh communes, PhuCat district, Binh Dinh province.


Husbandry industry planning Binh Dinh province by 2020


On 07.28.2015, the provincial people’s committee hasissued Decision No. 2664 /QD-UBND regarding planning of the province’slivestock farming by 2020.


Building high quality Bau Da rice wine distillation plant


Binh Dinh Provincial People’scommittee (PPC) has lately issued investment license for Bau Da rice winedistillation and production plant of Tan Phat Trade and Mineral CompanyLimited. The project location is in Nhon Loc commune, An Nhon provincial town. Theproject is expected to use 12273.8 m 2


More investment in 5 stars hotel approved


Binh Dinh Province People's Committee hasapproved in principle for Phuc Loc-Bin Dinh Joint Stock Company Corporation tocarry out a 5 stars hotel at the land lot DV1 and a 3 stars hotel at the landlot DV4 of the Urban - Trade – Service on the west of An Duong Vuong street,Nguyen Van Cu ward, Quy Nhon city. Total investment of the project is expected to be VND approximately 1.000billion.


Investment proposal of high quality animal farming approved in Binh Dinh


Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee has approvedthe proposal and introduced location for the cattle farming project invested inthe locality by Binh Ha Animal farming joint stock company.


Approving investment in agriculture-forestry product processing for export


Recently, Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) has approved for Truong ThinhInvestment and Trade Joint Stock Company to invest in a plant of processing agriculture-forestryproducts for export in Bui Thi Xuan ward, Quy Nhon city.


Binh Dinh ranked in the Mid-High group of PCI ranking 2014


On the morning of 16/4/2015, theannouncing ceremony of the provincial competitiveness index (PCI) took place inHa Noi. The event was attended by the leaders of the central government andlocalities. Department of Planning and Investment and Centre for InvestmentPromotion participated in this event.


Cat Trinh industrial cluster established in Phu Cat district


Binh Dinh provincial People’s committee has lately issued Decisionregarding the establishment of Cat Trinh industrial cluster (IC) invested byNha Be Garment Corporation in Phu Cat district     


» Notice Invitation for Prequalification Applications to select the investor for Cho Goc market (CG-01) New Urban Area in Nhon Binh ward, Quy Nhon city


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