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Quy Nhon Vocational Training Colleague granted graduation certificates for 29 students of southern Laos


On 15thAugust 2016, Quy Nhon Vocational Training Colleague held graduation ceremonyfor 29 students of 4 provinces of southern Laos, the course 2015-2016 and 979students of the courses 2013-2016 and 2014-2016. 


Two new industrial clusters established in Hoai Nhon district


The provincial People's Committee has issued Decisions on the establishment of Hoai Thanh Tay industrial cluster in Ngoc An Trung village, Hoai Thanh Tay commune and Hoai Duc industrial cluster in Dien Khanh village, Hoai Duc commune, Hoai Nhon district. 


Binh Dinh entrepreneur contributes ideas for the work "Monument of Hoang Sa deceased soldiers"


It islittle known that the second prize for ideas for work plan Monument of Hoang Sadeceased soldiers" organised by Vietnam General Confederation of Labourhas contribution of an entrepreneur who comes from Binh Dinh martialland, the architect Le Phuong. 


New investment license granted for a carton packaging plant


On 12.15.2015, theDepartment of Planning and Investment (DPI) of Binh Dinh Province issued new  investment license for Hoa Phat packagingmanufacture plant Company Ltd. to carry out a new carton packaging plant in CatNhon industrial cluster, Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh province


Withdrawing the investment certificate of Dat Huy Import and Export Company Limited


On October 21st, 2015, the Departmentof Planning and Investment of Binh Dinh issued a decision to withdraw and terminate the investment certificate of DatHuy Import and Export Company Limited. The reason for the withdrawal:compulsory execution asrequested by the Tax Agency.


FDI in ndustrial parks and economic zone in the first six months of the year


As reported by Binh Dinh EconomicZone Administration (BEZA) regarding the results of attracting foreign directinvestment (FDI) in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone (EZ) and industrial parks (IPs) inBinh Dinh in the first 6 months of 2015, though the world economy has shownsigns of recovery after a long period of crisis, the domestic economy stillfaces many difficulties and challenges such as high cost of fuel and inputmaterials, high electricity cost, which has greatly affected investmentattraction, especially foreign investment. Therefore, it remains difficult toattract foreign investment in Nhon Hoi EZ and the IPs in the province duringthe first 6 months of 2015.


Approval for Investment in the Trade and Apartment building


On 07/5/2015, Binh Dinhprovincial People’s Committee passed approval for the International Agricultural Products Export Import Trading Co., Ltdlocated in Ho Chi Minh city to proceed with the procedures of constructing a Tradeand Apartment building.


Approval for a new unburned brick factory in Tuy Phuoc district


Lately, the PPC approved for Phu Loc unburned brick Company Limited toinvest in a factory in Phuoc Loc commune, Tuy Phuoc district.


Seminar on trade promotion for sustainable fishery development in Central Coastal region


On 29th March 2014, a seminar on trade promotion forsustainable fishery developmentin the Central Coastal region was held in Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province.



Hoai Nhon district: an enterprise investing in household waste treatment plant


On 25th November 2013, an investment license was issued for Huy Anh Limited Company to invest in a household waste treatment factory in My An village, Hoai Thanh commune, Hoai Nhon district.


Investment in infrastructure construction and tourism services in Mui Tan Cape endorsed


The People’s Committee (PPC) has agreed to allocate a land area of 0.3ha for H.B.C Investment and Service Joint Stock Company in order to prepare a detailed planning for infrastructure construction and tourism services in Mui Tan Cape. 


Quy Nhon Port receives a vessel to transport 36,000 tons of wood chip


On the morning of 11th January 2013, Quy Nhon Port in cooperation with Binh Dinh Chip Limited Liability Company (BDC) held a ceremony to welcome Pegasus Green vessel of Hachiuma Steamship Co. Ltd., Japan, at the wharf of Quy Nhon Port.


‘Shall Vietnam invest in another petrochemical refinery plant, Binh Dinh is the best place.’


Thestatement was confirmed by the Minister of Trade Truong Dinh Tuyen at the pressmeeting to brief the petrochemical complex in Nhon Hoi economic zone on themorning of 15/8/2013 in Quy Nhon city. Photo: Panorama of the pressmeeting.


Seminar on how to maintain and improve Binh Dinh PCI


Accordingto results of the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), PCI 2012 of Binh Dinhranked 4/63 provinces, up 34 places compared with 2011 (38th) and inthe Good group of the ranking.

In orderto maintain and improve the PCI in the following years, the Provincial People'sCommittee (PPC) in collaboration with the branch ofVietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Da Nang (Da Nang VCCI) held a seminar on ‘Reviewing2 years Directive No.07 Implementation and solutions to maintain high PCI in thefollowing years’. The seminar will take place on Thursday, 16th May 2013 at Hoang Yen hotel, Quy Nhon city.


Investment in Eps foam production in Nhon Hoa ward, An Nhon town


TheProvincial People’s Committee has approved for Nam Tien Sai Gon Trading Co.,Ltd. to invest in construction of an Eps foam production plant in Phu Son area,Nhon Hoa ward, An Nhon town on an area of 2 hectares. The project has registeredcapital of VND 20 billion.


Honoring Nha Be Corporation for garment industry growth in Binh Dinh


On the afternoon of 09/4/2013, a meeting washeld by the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) to praise and reward the teamsand individuals of Nha Be Corporation for their contributions to thedevelopment of garment industry in BinhDinh during the years 2006-2013. Chairman LeHuu Loc presided over the ceremony with the attendance of leaders of the PPC,representatives of the Department of Industry and Trade, Planning andInvestment, Construction, Natural Resources and Environment and leaders and anumber of employees of Nha Be Corporation.


New unbaked brick project granted investment certificate


BinhDinh Provincial People's Committee (PPC) has granted an investment certificatefor the unbaked brick plant project of the Manufacture and Trade GMT Co., Ltd..The project is located at Nam Tuong village 1, Nhon Tan commune, An Nhon town. The plant will be constructed on an area of ​​2.7 hawith an invested capital of around VND 23 billion and an annual capacity of 20million bricks.


Import and export in March and first quarter of 2013


As reported by the Department of Trade andIndustry, in the first quarter of 2003 the world financial crisis has not beencontrolled, the global economy has not recovered, especially in EU countries.More and more new technical barriers appear while demand declines, price ofmaterial and fuel and domestic interest rate remains high, exchange rate is unstable.They are all cause significant impact on export of goods nationwide in generaland Binh Dinh in particular. Picture: Quy NhonSeaport.


Binh Dinh received the title of best economic operation in Vietnam 2012


In the morning of 14thMarch, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)announced Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) of the province in 2012 in thecapital of Hanoi.Accordingly, Binh Dinh ranked 4th out of 63 provinces and cities, up34 places compared with 2011. Photo: VCCI Chairman, Mr Vu Tien Loc, presented the certificate to Mr MaiThanh Thang, the Deputy Chairman of Binh Dinh PPC.


35th anniversary celebration of Binh Dinh Tuynel Brick Joint Stock Company


On 02February 2013, Binh Dinh Tuynel Brick Joint Stock Company celebrated its 35thanniversary, announced its unbaked brick factory project and received the FirstClass Labor Medal presented by the National President. The ceremony was attended by the Deputy of Binh DinhProvincial People’s Committee, Madam Tran Thi Thu Ha and leaders of theprovincial departments.


» NOTICE inviting interest in an investment project using land, Binh Chuong Nam urban area project, Hoai Duc ward, Hoai Nhon town


» NOTICE OF EXPRESSION OF INTEREST Tra Quang Nam urban area, Phu My town, Phu My district Project

» NOTICE OF EXPRESSION OF INTEREST - ‘Converting part of Nhon Hoi Tourist Service - Trade Center Project area to urban residential land’ Project

» Notice of interest - Selecting investors to implement Northeast Dieu Tri Green Urban Area, Tuy Phươc district

» Notice of interest Selecting investors to implement Tourist attraction No. 2A, Quy Nhon - Song Cau route

» Notice of interest Selecting investors to implement Anh Viet residential area

» Notice of interest Selecting investors to implement Hoi Van resort, health care and residential area

» Notice of interest Selecting investors to implement Diem Van Ecotourism and urban area, Tuy Phuoc district, Binh Dinh province

» NOTICE OF INTEREST - Selecting investors to implement Long Van 2 Urban Area Project in Tran Quang Dieu ward, Quy Nhon city

» NOTICE OF INTEREST Selecting investors to implement Long Van 3 Urban Area Project in Bui Thi Xuan ward, Quy Nhon city

» NOTICE OF INTEREST - Selecting investors to implement Long Van 4 Urban Area Project in Bui Thi Xuan ward, Quy Nhon city

» Notice of extension of bid closing time and adjustment, supplementation of criteria for preliminary assessment of capacity and experience for two projects of Urban Area 1 and Urban Area 2 westward Highway 19 (new) at NDT 1 and NDT 2, Nhon Binh ward, Quy N

» Calling for investment in the Urban Area NĐT1 Project westward from National Highway 19 (new)

» Calling for investment in the Urban Area NĐT2 Project westward from National Highway 19 (new)

» Calling for investment in an Artificial Intelligence Centre - Urban Ancillary Facilities

» Notice Invitation for Prequalification Applications to select the investor for Cho Goc market (CG-01) New Urban Area in Nhon Binh ward, Quy Nhon city


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