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Prequalification results of the Resettlement Area Proejcts in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone


Recently, Binh Dinh Provincial Economic Zone Authority has approved four preliminary bid results to select investors to implement the resettlement - residential area projects in Sub-Zone 07 (Becamex A Integrated Township & Industrial Park) in Van Canh district, Binh Dinh province. The total invested capital of 04 projects is more than VND 1,782.88 billion.


Building a new parking and vehicle service area in Quy Nhon city


Recently, the Provincial People's Committee has issued an approval for Thuan Nghia Construction Limited Company to invest in a parking lot and service area project in Quang Trung ward, Quy Nhon city.


Binh Dinh Investment Promotion Center: 15 years of establishment, 17 years of development


The Investment Promotion Center of Binh Dinh Province (IPC Binh Dinh) was formerly known as the Centre for Investment and Trade Promotion and External Relations of Binh Dinh Province (abbreviated to Citper or Citper Binh Dinh), which was established in early 2002 under the administration of the People’s Committee of Binh Dinh Province (the Office Manager of the Provincial People's Council and Provincial People's Committee was also the Director of the Center).


A new solar power farm constructed in Binh Dinh


On October 29th 2018, TPP Binh Dinh Energy Joint Stock Company (a member of Truong Thanh Vietnam Investment and Development group) held a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a solar power farm at Hoi Van village, Cat Hiep commune, Phu Cat district. The ceremony was attended by the leaders of the province: Mr. Ho Quoc Dung, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC), leaders of concerned departments, Phu Cat district and the Investment Promotion Center.


Investment in building infrastructure of Doi Hoa Son industrial cluster


Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee has granted an approval for Thien Hung My Tho Company Limited to build to rent infrastructure of Doi Hoa Son industrial cluster in Nhon My commune, An Nhon provincial town.


Bau Dung educational experience-farm tourism model is to be available in Tuy Phuoc district


Provincial People Committee (PPC) has very lately issued a letter approving for an aducational experience - farm tourism project to be developed by Sen Viet Tourism Company in Phuoc An commune, Tuy Phuoc district


Binh Dinh attracts large projects offering promising prosperity in 2017


During 2016, despite the existing economic - social difficulties, the province has gained significant growth thanks to the endless efforts of the local leadership and people.


Hoa Sen group commits to spending 2% profit financing social welfare in Binh Dinh province


On 19/12/2016, at the Seagull Hotel, the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) in collaboration with the Commercial Joint Stock Bank for Industry and Trade of Vietnam (Vietinbank) and Hoa Sen group handed over 200 houses for poor households and had an MOU signing ceremony of financing for the Hoa Sen Tower project and other social welfare activities in Binh Dinh.


Selecting eligible investor to implement Ha Ra storm shelter area in Phu My district


On 07/10/2016, Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee(PPC) issued a Decision regarding selection criteria of an investor to implementingHa Ra storm shelter area in Phu My district. 


Investment from Japan gradually increases


In the upcoming time, it is expected that more and more Japanese businesseswill come to Binh Dinh to employ investment in different sectors. It is due to positivesigns from a Japanese commission to Binh Dinh from 11th -18thSeptember 2016.


Seagull hotel installs water purification system of Japanese technology


After the signingceremony between Sanicon company from Japan and the Construction Joint Stockcompany 47 on 12/06/2016, Seagull hotel is the first hotel in Binh Dinh toinstall a water purification system of high technology and internationalstandard. The total contract value is 19.824 million JPY (approximately VND 4.32billion).


Marubeni Lumber company from Japan signed a contract to lease land in Nhon Hoi industrial park-Zone A


On the morning of 12 September 2016, at the office of Provincial People’s Committee (PPC), Marubeni Lumber company from Japan signed a contract to lease land in Nhon Hoi industrial park- Zone A of Sai Gon-Nhon Hoi Industrial park Joint Stock company.


Four entrepreneurs from Binh Dinh nominated for excellent Vietnamese entrepreneur awarding 2016


Four entrepreneurs from Binh Dinh are nominated for excellent Vietnameseentrepreneur awarding on the occasion of the Entrepreneur Day 13thOctober. It is a prize organized by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Trade(VCCI) in order to honour Vietnamese excellent entrepreneurs.


Hoa Sen group – 15 years of steady and prosperous growth


On 6th August 2016, at the GEM conference centre, district 1, Ho Chi Minhcity, Hoa Sen group celebrated its 15 year anniversary and received Labour Medalof second class awarded by the President due to its outstanding achievements inthe production and operation process and contributions to the country’sdevelopment.


FLC group inaugurated its mega-project in Binh Dinh


One year ago, few believed that there would beany magic happening for Nhon Ly beach, an area with abundant sunshine and wind.When the people here started to find out information about FLC group and whatthey were doing in other localities nationwide, at the groundbreaking ceremony ofFLC Quy Nhon beach and golf resort project, Mr Trinh Van Quyet, President ofFLC group management board asserted that the project would complete in a year.


Hoa Sen group continues to pour capital into Binh Dinh province


Giventhe approval of Binh Dinh provincial people committee (PPC), Hoa Sen group willofficially invest in two more  projectsin Binh Dinh province, namely the high class apartment, hotel and trade centrewith total capital of USD 250 million and Hoi Van hot spring resort area withtotal capital of USD 18.9 million.


More construction of apartment building for low-income people and commercial houses in Quy Nhon city


Binh Dinh Department of Planning and Investment has very recently grantedinvestment registration certificate for an apartment building to be constructedby Van Phat Textile and Garment Private Enterprise with total capital of morethan VND 146 billion. 


New investment in white leg shrimps applying BIOFLOC technology in Phu Cat district


Recently, Binh Dinh provincial people’s committee has granted approvalfor Thanh Van Trade and Import Export Services Company Limited to implement thewhite shrimp farm project with application of Biofloc technology in Cat Khanhcommune, Phu Cat district.


Dialogue between enterprises and the provincial leadership in Binh Dinh in 2016


Enterprisesare crucial resources of Binh Dinh province, their growth is the province’sgrowth; capacity and competitiveness of enterprises are the province’s capacityand competitiveness. That was asserted by Chairman Ho Quoc Dung at the Dialoguebetween enterprises and the provincial leadership in Binh Dinh in 2016.


Industrial clusters in Phu Cat districts maintain good manufacture situation


Though industry – smallindustries and handicrafts are facing difficulties, input material priceincreases and investment is limited… enterprises and manufacture units in PhuCat have overcome difficulties and maintained good growth rate. 


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» NOTICE OF INTEREST - Selecting investors to implement Long Van 2 Urban Area Project in Tran Quang Dieu ward, Quy Nhon city

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» NOTICE OF INTEREST - Selecting investors to implement Long Van 4 Urban Area Project in Bui Thi Xuan ward, Quy Nhon city

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