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FDI in ndustrial parks and economic zone in the first six months of the year




As reported by Binh Dinh EconomicZone Administration (BEZA) regarding the results of attracting foreign directinvestment (FDI) in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone (EZ) and industrial parks (IPs) inBinh Dinh in the first 6 months of 2015, though the world economy has shownsigns of recovery after a long period of crisis, the domestic economy stillfaces many difficulties and challenges such as high cost of fuel and inputmaterials, high electricity cost, which has greatly affected investmentattraction, especially foreign investment. Therefore, it remains difficult toattract foreign investment in Nhon Hoi EZ and the IPs in the province duringthe first 6 months of 2015.


Since early 2015 until now, BEZAhave received many foreign investors from countries like China, Thailand,Japan, Hong Kong, ... who come to explore investment environment in Nhon Hoi EZ,IPs. However, investors have just made inquiries in Nhon Hoi EZ and IPs, no newlicense has been issued. Amendment has been made for 3 projects in Nhon Hoi EZand IPs during this time.

So far, there are 08 FDI projectsgranted investment license in Nhon Hoi EZ with a total registered capital of USD509 million. Projects in Nhon Hoi EZ has disbursed about USD 66.6 million. Inaddition to the Nhon Hoi EZ, Binh Dinh province has 04 industrial parks with 13FDI projects with total registered capital of USD 1,084 million, of which 10projects have put into operation. Accumulated implementation capital of FDIprojects in the IPs has reached USD 85 million.

In the last 6 months of 2015, BZAplans to attract investment by continuing to coordinate with the relevant departmentsand agencies in strengthening investment promotion activities to lure investmentprojects in IPs. Investment in IPs will be appraised carefully. Investmentmanagement will be a priority. Use of land as well as project implementationprogress will be closely monitored. Furthermore, investors’ difficulties andobstacles will be timely solved.

In addition, BEZA stressed theimportance of attracting the petrochemical complex project invested by PTT(Thailand) and Saudi Aramco, facilitating the implementation of Outward Bound SchoolVietnam of KinderWorld Vietnam Joint Stock Company.





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