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Japanese businesses explore investment opportunities in agriculture in Binh Dinh




Recently, at the Office of the Provincial People's Committee, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Tran Chau and leaders of concerned departments had a meeting with Japanese enterprises who were in Binh Dinh to explore investment opportunities in the agricultural sector in the area.


Japanese entrepreneurs with leaders of Binh Dinh province

The team consisted of 9 Japanese enterprises in production and trade of agricultural products in the Japanese market such as growing sorghum to make silage for export to Japan, producing and consuming soybeans , producing organic fertilizer from raising chickens and cattle ...

Japanese enterprises wanted to connect cooperation opportunities in Binh Dinh and seeked trade partners, expand product consumption markets, apply scientific and technological advances in agricultural production to create high quality agricultural products, meeting food hygiene and safety standards, expanding export markets to Japan and countries around the world.

Japanese businesses seek investment opportunities in Binh Dinh

Vice Chairman Tran Chau expressed great thanks to Japanese companies for seeking trade and investment  opportunities in Binh Dinh, hoping that Japanese enterprises would connect many Japanese enterprises to Binh Dinh province. Also, he asserted commitments that the province would create favourable conditions to facilitate the investment ...

At present, there are 77 foreign direct investment projects with total capital of USD 721.42 million, of which 16 projects with investment from Japanese investors with total capital of 90.81 million USD.





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