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An Israeli company proposes a hi-tech salmon farm and processing plant project in Binh Dinh




On the afternoon of October 31st 2018, at the office of the Provincial People's Committee, the Deputy Chairman Tran Chau had a meeting with Dong Nam Engineering Development Investment Co. Ltd and AquaMaof company (Israel) on the proposal of salmon farm and processing plant project in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone. The meeting was attended by representatives from the Departments: Planning and Investment, Industry and Trade, Natural Resources and Environment, External Affairs, Agriculture and Rural Development and the Provincial Economic Zone Authority.


Representatives of Dong Nam Engineering Development Investment Co. Ltd and AquaMaof

The proposed project aims to produce and process salmon for domestic market and export with a capacity of 10,000 tons of fish per year, a total investment capital of USD 150 million and it is a joint venture between Dong Nam Engineering Development Investment Co. Ltd (70%) and AquaMaof (30%).

According to the introduction, Dong Nam Engineering Development Investment Co. Ltd is based in Ho Chi Minh city, operates in diverse areas  and is currently the investor of Ami Resort and Spa project in Quy Nhon city. The company's partner in the venture is Aqua Maof from Israel, which has more than 30 years of experience in high-tech aquaculture in more than 50 locations around the world.

At the meeting, Mr. Yoav Dagan, Vice President of AquaMaof asserted that the company's aquaculture equipment and technologies provide advanced, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to meet the increasing needs of aquaculture. If approved by the provincial People's Committee, the salmon farming project in Binh Dinh province will apply closed recirculation system, and will not use vaccines or antibiotics; also no waste affects the surrounding environment. Immediately after harvest, fish will be transferred to the processing area through a high-tech automatic line.





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