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Pioneering in unburned brick lines production using the static pressure principle


13/12/2017 10:53


Dong Hai Mechanical Limited Company is an enterprise in Binh Dinh province which pioneered in manufacturing unburned brick production line using static pressure principle with vibration saturation. With this technology, raw material used is recycled ash and slag from thermal power plants. It not only saves fuel, minimizes pollution but also has various benefits such as high stress tolerance, good sound and heat insulation and good waterproofing....


Dong Hai Mechanical Limited Company has signed a contract with Thanh Tuyen Construction Company to install an unburned brick production line, the material will be provided from ashes of Mao Khe Thermo Power Plant. In 2017, Thanh Tuyen Construction Company has supplied 10 kinds of unburned products to the market. Slag and ash discharged from Mao Khe Thermal Power Plant are input material for the company's products. Therefore, it has saved hundreds of cubic meters of clay and thousands of tons of coal for production. In addition, the products manufactured are soaked in water tanks, then transferred to the 700C steam tunnel to increase cement hydration, which improves the product quality. Until now, the company’s products have been sold quickly and have created good reputation in the market.
Currently, besides designing and manufacturing unburned brick production line, Dong Hai Mechanical Limited Company also has activities such as designing and manufacturing agricultural and forestry processing machine, food processing machine; designing and manufacturing wood processing machine; designing and manufacturing central vacuum cleaners, industrial ventilation systems, mini vacuum cleaners, auxiliary equipment (conveyor, bucket, loading screws) for cement plants, loading and unloading equipment in warehouses, iron and aluminum casting equipment…

For your demand, please contact:
Dong Hai Mechanical Limited Company 
Address: (Lot No.2, Quang Trung Industrial Cluster, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province)
Tel: 02563.647243 – 0906 475 943/ Fax: 02563.647243





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