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Celebrating 55 years of Vietnam-Laos relation


25/09/2017 11:07


On the occasion of 55 years of Vietnam-Laos diplomatic relation of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Lao People's Democratic Republic (05/9/1962 - 05/9/2017) and 40 years of signing the Vietnam-Laos Friendship and Cooperation Agreement (18/7/1977-18/7/2017), Binh Dinh has run several practical programs in order to tie up the special traditional relation between Binh Dinh and four southern provinces of Laos.


The delegation from Salavan province (Lao PDR) visited Binh Dinh in August 2016

In the stage 2016- 2021, on the principles of integral relation, Binh Dinh and four southern provinces of Laos (Attapu, Sekong, Salavan and Champasak) have developed practical activities in agriculture, culture, health, education, investment promotion, tourism and national security…

Every year, Binh Dinh donates scholarships for students of southern provinces of Laos who study at Quy Nhon university and organizes training workshops for teachers and students studying at Quy Nhon Vocational Training College.

In agriculture, there are often workshops on farming, aquaculture, livestock and veterinary, supporting rice varieties, corn varieties, elephant grass seed, equipment and devices for artificial insemination for cows, cattle and poultry farming techniques and disease prevention…

In health, Binh Dinh will continue to receive doctors from Laos who come for upskilling in internal medicine, endoscopy, pediatrics, obstetrics… at the provincial hospital.

In culture, sports and tourism, Binh Dinh will cooperate with four provinces of Laos to develop tourism development program and to promote linking among provinces and the two nations in tourism. There will be new tourism programs and diversification of tourism products to meet the increasing demands of tourism. In addition, Binh Dinh will enhance the promotion of its image in four provinces of Laos and vice versa.

Annually, the provincial government collaborates with Quy Nhon university and Quy Nhon Vocational Training College to hold the Independence Day and Traditional Tet Bunpimay for students who are studying in Binh Dinh.
As planned, the delegation from Sekong province will visit Binh Dinh from 25th to 27th September 2017. The visit will strengthen the long-lasting relation between two provinces.





» Royal Thai Consulate General and CP Corporation visit the province (01/10/2018)

» Approval issued for two projects of recycling plastic beads and constructing a kindergarten (06/08/2018)

» Shiki Group explores investment opportunities in a high-end restaurant chain in Binh Dinh (27/07/2018)

» FLC's Bamboo Airways has been approved by the Prime Minister (18/07/2018)

» The provincial delegation visits Incheon city and Korean businesss (04/06/2018)

» Binh Dinh strengthens connection to Korea (31/05/2018)

» “Meet Europe 2018” conference – Opportunity for connection and collaboration with developed partners (30/05/2018)

» Binh Dinh ties relation with Japanese partners (26/04/2018)

» Bamboo Airways Project Proposal submitted to the Prime Minister for approval (25/04/2018)

» The largest project of Japanese investors in Binh Dinh officially breaks ground (05/04/2018)


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