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CPG (Singapore) expresses desire to provide consultancy for infrastructure development in Binh Dinh


24/07/2017 15:53


On 7th July 2017, the Deputy Chairman Phan Cao Thang of Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) and leaders of several departments had a meeting with Mr Jimmy Tsen Chee Nam, General Director of CPG (Singapore) and his team during their visit to look for investment opportunities in Binh Dinh


Ông Mr Jimmy Tsen Chee Nam (second from left) and experts in the team

The Deputy Chairman Phan Cao Thang stated that Binh Dinh has potentials for infrastructure development, transport connection, abundant labour resource… these are important for developing industrial parks, schools, airport, hospitals, tourism… Lately, many investors have come and carried out projects in the area, a few of them are from Singapore, namely  Kinder World Singapore, YANMAR Singapore, Oasis, Japfa Comfeed …

Mr Jimmy Tsen Chee Nam and experts in his team confirmed that CPG is a leading group in consultancy of infrastructure development and supply of management services in the Asia-Pacific region. CPG has made significant contribution to the development and management of symbolic structures of Singapore. CPG has expanded to more than 20 countries outside Singapore and in Vietnam, CPG was established in 2007. With more than 2,000 staff, CPG operates mainly in multi-disciplinary services, project management, property management and building management…

In Vietnam, CPG is a strategic partner of leading property groups and participates in design consulting of structure and landscape of Vinhomes Gardenia and Vinhomes Central Park of Vingroup, Aqua Bay in Ecopark, the International Terminal T2 in Noi Bai Airport,…. Currently, CPG corporation is involved in consulting and designing for the construction of Phu Hoa Sport - Culture - Tourism Urban Area complex.

In Binh Dinh, CGP corporation desires to provide consultancy and design for varied projects of infrastructure, airport, schools, hospitals, hotels… For the near future, CPG is promoting construction of a high-class hospital of 150 beds which is expected to convert Binh Dinh into a destination for tourism and health care like the model in Singapore.

Mr. Phan Cao Thang was committed to giving the best support so that CPG corporation could work with projects in Binh Dinh.





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