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A new urban area of international standard is going to be constructed in Quy Nhon


15/05/2017 14:29


Binh Dinh Economic Zone Administration (NEZA) has given approval for FLC Faros Binh Dinh Investment and Development Co., Ltd. to invest in FLC Lux City Quy Nhon Urban Area in subdivision No. 6, Nhon Hoi ecological tourism area in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, Quy Nhon city.


The FLC Lux City Quy Nhon Urban Area project has total capital of over 600 billion VND with the objective of constructing a high-grade urban area to boost the development of Nhon Hoi eco-tourism urban area, creating an imporatant highlight of landscape, architecture, commercial services, housing for the urban area in particular and the province in general.

The project will cover an area of approximately 325,940 m2 including the items: low-rise buildings with services on an area of 89,789 m2, including 825 lots; independent villas on 20,270 m2 with 88 plots; a kindergarten on 5,496 m2 with the scale of 250 students and other auxiliary works on the remaining area such as offices, parking space and green space. According to the registration, the project is divided into 2 phases and construction will be implemented in about 2 years.

FLC Faros Binh Dinh Investment and Development Co., Ltd, the investor of the project, is an enterprise belonging to FLC Group, who is currently running big projects in Binh Dinh such as: FLC Quy Nhon eco-tourism area project, FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links project,  Eo Gio eco-tourism resort and the international luxury hotel project of international standard.

When entering operation, the project will contribute to the socio-economic development of Quy Nhon city. It is expected provide more housing, making better use of land fund of Nhon Hoi eco-tourism urban area. It will also create a large number of jobs (for approximately 300 people) and play an important role in attracting many investors to invest in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone.





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