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Big groups from Japan visits Binh Dinh to investigate before investment


21/03/2017 15:12


On the morning of 7/3/2017, Madam Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy, Deputy of Department of Planning and Investment (DPI) had a meeting with Truong Thanh Development Investment One Member Company Limited (Truong Thanh Viet Nam) and its partners, namely Toshiba, Sparx, Kumagaigumi groups (from Japan) when they came to Binh Dinh to negotiate and sign in contracts for implementing Solar Power Park in Phu Cat district.


Madam Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy, Deputy of Department of Planning and Investment (gray blouse) and the visiting team

Mr. Dang Trung Kien - President of Truong Thanh Vietnam said that his company is currently working hard on several projects in Binh Dinh. In particular, TTP Binh Dinh High-Tech and Energy Company (a member company of Truong Thanh Vietnam) has been approved by the Provincial People's Committee to make investigation and surveys for a solar power plant in Cat Hiep commune, Phu Cat district. The company has actively cooperated with leading partners in solar power field that it has a close relationship, of which Toshiba, Sparx and Kumagaigumi groups are key partners from Japan.

At the meeting, Mr. Shunichi Kinoshita, representing Toshiba said that Toshiba is one of the world's leading brand in manufacturing and trading electronic products and electrical appliances with a development history of more than 140 years (from 1873). Toshiba came to Vietnam in the 1990s and entered solar power filed in 2013 with application of extensive experience in power conversion equipment/power, monitoring equipment in order to generate solar power system suitable with the environment. Toshiba is keen to establish a company in Binh Dinh. Therefore, he emphasized that his group would actively explore and record information on investment environment of the province so that they could develop specific plans for the upcoming future.

Meanwhile, Sparx is the leading group on renewable energy in Japan with over 20 power power plants in Hokkaido, Kanto, Hokuriku, Kyushu.... Also, the group has strength in financial investment and real estate. According to the latest results in early March, the group’s operating profit hit 2.9 billion yen, exceeding 2.1 times the previous fiscal year, the operating profit margin increased from 21% to 34%. The group believed that after this survey trip to Binh Dinh, they will invest in the first solar power project in Vietnam.

Another representative of Japan during this trip is Kumagaigumi group, Mr Shinya Otsuka, Director of overseas business promotion department said Kumagaigumi is not an unfamiliar name for Vietnamese people. It is a corporation specializing in infrastructure construction and has participated in many important construction projects in Vietnam such as Hue National Hospital (2006), Logitem Vietnam Warehouse (2007), National High Street 1A (2001)... He revealed that via excellent feedback about the business climate and legal procedures in Binh Dinh from other Japanese entrepreneurs, he went to Binh this time with his partners to initiate investment activities in Binh Dinh.

The province has over 5500 small and medium enterprises, with 70 FDI enterprises with total capital of over USD 740 million, of which there are 9 companies with Japanese capital with total investment of USD 32,7 million. Currently, the province identified Japan as an essential and reliable partner, so since 2012 the local government has sent regular delegations to Japan to promote investment into Binh Dinh.

After the meeting, Truong Thanh Vietnam and the visiting teams surveyed in Phu Cat district and some other venues.





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