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Meeting Viet Kieu and their relatives on the occasion of New year of Rooster 2017




In the warm and friendly atmosphere of the upcoming Tet holiday, on 19th January 2017 at Seagull Hotel, the Vietnamese Fatherland Front Committee had a nice meeting with more than 100 Vietnamese expatriates (Viet Kieu) and their relatives who were working and studying overseas when they came home for Tet holiday. The meeting was attended by Mr. Ho Quoc Dung, the Provincial People Committee’s Chairman, Mr. Phan Phi Ho, President of the provincial Fatherland Front Committee and the leaders of concerning provincial departments and sectors in the province.


Mr Phan Phi Ho, President of Vietnam Fatherland Front is giving a talk to oversea Vietnamese and their relatives

Chairman Ho Quoc Dung sent New Year greetings to the families of expatriates on the occasion of traditional Tet Festival 2017. The Chairman briefed outcomes of the locality’s social and economic growth over the last year. Accordingly, in 2016, the province basically completed growth objectives in all the areas of agriculture, industry, trade and services. Significantly, 700 enterprises were issued new business registration certificates, 40 domestic projects were approved with registered capital of more than VND 9,709 billion, 10 foreign direct investment projects were granted licenses with total registered capital of USD 84.1 million; gross regional domestic product (GRDP) was estimated to increase 7.53%; the ratio of agriculture, forestry and fisheries - industry and construction - service in 2016 respectively reached 25.9% - 28.3% - 40.8% - 5.0%. Besides, the supermarket chains of Coopmart, Metro, Big C... increasingly meet the shopping needs of people.

Chairman Ho Quoc Dung revealed that in recent years many large corporations at home and abroad have made numerous visits to Binh Dinh to investigate opportunities and started investment in the province such as CJ Corporation (Korea), Suihou Hospital Corporation (Japan), Sun Group, Truong Thanh group .... “in the upcoming time, the local government will continue to upgrade the infrastructure, build new roads in the city of Quy Nhon city, and Xuan Dieu road will expand to have 4 lanes and one pedestrian road; a new modern railway station will be built, Quy Nhon airport will become an international airport, Quy Nhon city will be renovated to become a peaceful place with unique green space. The target is to keep the city’s nature unspoilt by the growth”.

Despite the difficulties, with spirit of solidarity of the province’s leadership and concerned sectors, the province’s economy has gained highly positive outcomes, social security is guaranteed, people's livelihoods are improving. The Chairman wished that wherever the Vietnamese go, they would always think of their homeland, support and contribute investment or make business in the area in order to boost economic growth and eradicate poverty. He emphasized that each oversea Vietnamese was a goodwill ambassador who could promote a nice image of Binh Dinh in the integration process, fostering friendship and cooperation with Vietnam in general and Binh Dinh in particular.

Phan Phi Ho, President of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of the province asserted that "Spring is always the most beautiful but specially in spring 2017 we must deal with consequences of a series of floods in late 2016, Binh Dinh people need to work together to build a more modern homeland; local government endlessly support oversea Vietnamese and wish us to become successful and well integrate in a new culture, always help each other and reserve the national cultural identity.”.

Talking at the meeting, many Viet Kieu expressed their excitement for the significant development and innovation of Binh Dinh province, especially Quy Nhon city in recent years. With the pleasure of going home for Tet holiday and seeing the change in Binh Dinh, Ms Mai Phuong, a German Viet Kieu said: "I am really delighted and appreciate the achievements of the province, especially in the presence of the International Centre of interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE) built in Quy Nhon city. I believe that it is the meeting point of the world’s science. In the upcoming time, I will introduce an engineering education research group linked between Germany - Binh Dinh - Ha Noi to visit the province. My special impression of Quy Nhon city is that Quy Nhon is not as noisy as other beach cities, urbanization is  increasing, but the city still maintains its natural beauty; the city’s tourism will develop very well in the future.

Mr Nguyen Tong, a relative of Americans and Japanese Viet Kieu, said: "Do not ask what the Fatherland has done for us, but we should ask ourselves what we have do to contribute to Vietnam in general, Binh Dinh in particular. Currently, my relatives living and working in Japan are working hard to bring oversea study programs and scholarships for Vietnamese students to Japan, so far my family has brought 150 students from Binh Dinh to Japan for training and work. I hope that later on they will come back Vietnam and actively contribute to their motherland".

Also on the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2017, Chairman Ho Quoc Dung wished all overseas Vietnamese and their relatives good health, happiness, prosperity and happy Tet holiday.





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