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Group8asia - Switzerland won the first prize of the architectural design contest for Hoa Sen Tower Project (01 Ngo May)




On 27thNovember 2016, Hoa Sen group successfully organized the Announcement ceremonyof the architectural design contest for Hoa Sen Tower Project (High-ClassApartment and Hotel Service and Trade Centre, 01 Ngo May, Quy Nhon city).


The design proposal won thefirst prize of Group8Asia (Switzerland)

The ceremony was attended by the contestants, the examiners and mediaagencies. From Binh Dinh, the ProvincialPeople’s Committee (PPC) Chairman Ho Quoc Dung, representative leaders of Department of Planning andInvestment, Investment Promotion Centre and some other departments participatedin the event.

Seven famous contractorswith numerous design projects which have gained prestigious architecture prizesin construction design of high-rise hotels include: Nikken Sekkei (Japan), KornArchitects (Germany), B + H Architects (Canada), DESO Architects(France), Group8Asia (Switzerland), CPG (Singapore) and MCCVietnam. This is a contest of international scale with limited examination(one stage entrance examination) in order to publicly select a designconsultant for Hoa Sen Tower Project.

The principle of thecontest is to select a design with high practical value, aesthetic quality, superiority,which is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and suitable with topographyof Hoa Sen Tower Project in Quy Nhon city.

 With spirit of fair play,the board of examiners selected three best teams for the award, including: onefirst prize worth VND 1.6 billion for Group8Asia company and two secondprizes worth VND 490 million for Nikken Sekkei DESO and Architects companies.

Group8asia is a company established in the year 2000with offices in Geneva – Switzerland, Singapore and Ha Noi. The company is specializedin architectual design, urban planning and interior design. The company hasperformed many large-scale projects in Switzerland, including renovationprojects of the World Trade Organization and United Nations offices in Switzerland.


PPC Chairman Ho Quoc Dung (3rd from right) and Mr Le Phuoc Vu-General Directorof Hoa Sen group (first on the right) presented the first prize for Group8Asia(Switzerland)

Afterselecting the bestdesigner for the project, Hoa Sen group will promptly proceed with the schedule to carry out the project as committed with BinhDinh PPC . In particular, the first stage of theproject willbe implemented from theyear 2017 2019 to construct the first tower and the second stage from the year 2020 - 2022 with the second tower.

So far the project, whichis called High Class Apartment and Hotel Service and Trade Centre, is the largestscale ofinternational standard in Binh Dinh province. When completed and putinto operation, the project will boost exploration of potentials of Quy Nhon city and tourism in Binh Dinh in thefuture.

Previously, during thesurvey and design process, the contestants had opportunity to visit and surveythe project site at 01 Ngo May, Quy Nhon city, then had a meeting with relevant departments in Binh Dinh in order to clarify inquiriesregarding aboutthe detailed planning of the project area. They also attended  BestWestern Premier Havana Hotel in Nha Trang city, one of the outstanding hotels  in Nha Trang with the use of energy-saving technology toreduce operating costs and increase competitiveness. Especially, Havana hotel has a unique underground tunnel connecting the hotel and the beach and the hotel to make it convenient for travellers to go to the beach. Inthe future, Hoa Sen Tower Project will have the same feature in its construction.

Hoa Sen Tower Project willcover an area of 6.900 m2  inthe centre of Quy Nhon city. The project site is opposite a pretty parkconnecting to one of the most beautiful beaches in the central region and it isexpected to become an ideal destination for domestic and internationalvisitors.





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