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PPC Chairman meeting with Waz Lian company (Malaysia)


20/07/2016 00:00


On 19th July at the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) office, Chairman Ho Quoc Dung and leaders of related departments had a meeting with Waz Lian company (Malaysia) led by Ms Ta Hui Hean, the management board’s Vice President of the company, who came to Binh Dinh to look for investment opportunity.


Casa Marina Island projectin Hon Dat

Accordingly,Waz Lian company expressed the desire to investin Binh Dinh in the fields which the company hasadvantages such as real estate, tourism, electricity...  Waz Lian company is known as one ofthe largest multi-disciplinary company in Malaysia. Currently, the company has invested in several countries around theworld and is operating two golf courses in Hainan (China) andMalaysia.

At themeeting, the PPC Chairman Ho Quoc Dung briefed on the social economic situationof the locality, information on the infrastructure conditions and policies ofattracting investment and the priority areas for investment. In addition, the Chairman also highlighted thepotentials, advantages of natural conditions, history, culture, people... andother factors, which make Binh Dinh different from other localities and specialfor tourism development. The president also emphasized that Binh Dinh hasrecently become an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists andmany large corporations have poured capital into tourism projects in theprovince, such as: FLC group, Hoa Sen group, Vietnam Truong Thanh group... TheChairman recommended that company should survey and investigate investmentin tourism services and committed that the local government would provide thecompany with favorable conditions to invest in the area.


Casa Marina Island projectin Hon Ngang

Ms. Ta Hui Hean respectfully thanked the warm welcome of the leaders ofBinh Dinh province and useful information provided for the delegation. She said, after the meeting Waz Lian companywould send missions to Binh Dinh to study more about the mechanisms, policiesand locations for the construction of viable investment projects in theprovince; and significantly the company will consider cooperation with Truong Thanh Quy Nhon investment joint stock company in Casa Marina Island project in Hon Dat and Hon Ngang islets, Ghenh Rang ward,Quy Nhon city. She also expressedher desire to invite the province leaders to visit the company’s projectin Malaysia.

Casa Marina Island project,to be investigated and invested by Truong Thanh Quy Nhon InvestmentJoint Stock company, has been approved by thePPC. The project site is located on Hon Dat and Hon Ngang islets and covers 41.3ha and has total capital of VND 200 billion. The project consists of components:restaurants, bungalows, wharves, mountain climbing and diving services, aquacultureand marine conservation. It is expected that the project will complete and gointo operation in August 2018.





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