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Gift by Design Company Ltd. from Korea investigates for investment in Binh Dinh




On 25/8/2015, the Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People’sCommittee (PPC), Mr Ho Quoc Dung receivedMr Hack Kil Kim, President and Mr Hak Sub Kim, General Director of Gift byDesign, a Korean enterprise. The meeting was attended by the leaders ofDepartment of Department of Planning and Investment, Economic ZoneAdministration (BEZA) and Investment Promotion Centre 


View of the meeting

Gift by Design Company Ltd. was found and hasoperated in printing business in Korea for 35 years and its factory has operatedin China over 20 years. The company is expecting to shift the factory from China toVietnam to run the business more effectively. The company owner is looking forland in the industrial park to lease land or sub-lease factory premises in an industrial zone with a total areaof 15,000 m2, of which construction area is around 8,000 m2 in order to build afactory producing paper bags. Withoffset printing technology, Mr. Hack Kil Kim, Chairman of the company said thatthe factory will not produce sewage water, so there is no concern about impacton the environment. The material used for the factory will be imported and thefinished products will be exported to the United States.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Toan, BEZA Deputy emphasized that,Nhon Hoa Industrial Park was entirely able to meet the requirements of theinvestor. The specific information regardingthe location of industrial park, land rent rate, infrastructure cost, laborcost ... will be provided in detail for the investor. The Gift by Design company appreciated theprovince leadership’s support and committed to study the information given andmake investment decision.






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