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Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company investigates to carry out several big projects in Binh Dinh province




In 2015, Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company is investigating to kick offseveral big projects in Binh Dinh province including pig  breed farm applying the Danish technology andAmerican high quality in two communes of Cat Lam and Cat Hiep communes (nearly200 ha in Phu Cat district); seafood processing plants and cold storage in CatKhanh Industrial Cluster (Phu Cat district); feed processing plant in AnNhon town ... That was confirmed by Duong Ngoc Minh, Chairman of the ManagementBoard cum CEO of Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company at the meeting with Binh DInh provincialleaders on 17th August 2015.


Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company in My Tho Industrial Park - Tien Giangprovince

Hung Vuong Joint StockCompany was established in 2003, after many years of operation, Hung Vuong hasbecome a large processing catfish exporter in Vietnam and is the only enterprisein Vietnam possessing a closed production line from farming to aquaculture,processing and export. It is also one of the leading units of export value ofthis commodity nationwide. The company’s main business lines are breeding,feed production, aquaculture, processing and export, and cold storage.

Mr. Duong Ngoc Minh saidthat in addition to the existing facilities in the southern provinces, thecompany is expanding investment in production, aquaculture and processing offisheries, livestock products in the Central Region.

In the future, theCompany will continue to invest in processing plants for animal meat. He wascommitted that Binh Dinh will be the first locality in the country to apply Danishpig farming technology invested by Hung Vuong company.

The Chairman Ho Quoc Dungasserted that Binh Dinh totally supports the investment policy of Hung VuongJoint Stock Company and has assigned the leaders of relevant departments,agencies and localities to create all favorable conditions in terms of policiesand procedures.. so that the company is able to kick off the project in thenear future.





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