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6 kinds of tourism with investment priority




6 kind of tourism with investmentpriority in Binh Dinh include sea-based tourism, cultural tourism, history-basedtourism, spiritual tourism, and relaxation tourism, Mice (Meeting-Incentive-Convention-Exhibition)tourism in combination with science tourism, recreation and communityactivities.


Mr Ngo Dong Hai, Deputy Chairman of Binh Dinh PPCis making a speech at the conference

It was asserted by Mr Ngo Dong Hai, Deputy Chairman of Binh DinhPPC at the conference on tourism investment promotion 2015 held in Quy Nhoncity on 30/3/2015.

With more than 134kmcoastline with half of districts and city are close to the sea. Binh Dinhpossesses many beautiful landscape and wild beaches covering hundreds ofhectares, including Quy Nhon, Ghenh Rang, Hai Giang, Nhon Ly, Phu Hau, TrungLuong, Vinh Hoi, Tan Thanh, Mui Rong-Tan Phung, Tam Quan…

Most beaches in Binh Dinhare flat with fine yellow sand, clear blue sea water and abundant sunshine allyear around. They are valuable resources for planning and developing clustersof sea-based tourism and organizing exciting activities such as swimming, scubadiving, sand sliding, sky flying, fishing, sports in water …

There are also numeroussmall islands near the shore, lagoons, bays, estuaries, mangroves, coral reefsand diversified aquatic system.

Binh Dinh is also wellknown for historical and cultural relics. It used to be the ancient capital ofseveral kingdoms and famous with Sa Huynh and Champa cultures…. The relics ofDo Ban (Vijaya) Citadel and 14 Cham Towers with unique and majesticarchitectural art are a typical part of Binh Dinh. The local government ispreparing to submit document to UNESCofor acknowledging Champa culture as one of the world heritage.

Over the last few years, the government has mobilized different capitalresources to invest in renovation,of infrastructure, trade, tourism, healthcare, education, post office and telecommunication.... The establishment ofNhon Hoi economic zone, construction of Thi Nai bridge, Quy Nhon-Song Cau roadhave contributed to turning Binh Dinh into a key place for socio-economicgrowth in the region. Significantly, tourism is taking a more and moreimportant role in the economic structure.

Thanks to investment in infrastructure andplanning, Binh Dinh has attracted many important investors inside Vietnam andoversea. A good number of tourism areas and high-quality hotels have beenconstructed along the sea and well-known with their trade name like Avani (LifeResort), Hoang Gia-Quy Nhon resort, Sai Gon-Quy Nhon hotel, Hai Au hotel, HoangYen hotel... Construction of other projects such as Vinh Hoi tourism area (ITCgroup-USA), Vinpearl Quy Nhon (VinGroup), Linh Phong pagoda Spiritual Area...when completed, these projects will definitely become one of the resort centreswith intersting cultural and spiritual tourism and this will make tourism a keyeconomic sector of the locality.

Bai Xep beach

In the upcoming time, Binh Dinh willwork on some important tasks to improve infrastructure, supportive system oftourism in the province.

* With regard to infrastructure

To collaborate with ministries andcentral agencies to continue to invest and upgrade infrastructure and importantmeans of transportation: airway, waterways, roads, railways to boost the socio-economicdevelopment in general and tourism in particular. To invest in development ofinfrastructure connecting works serving tours, routes, diverse forms oftransportation to affectively attract tourists.

To complete investment in a touristwhaft and an island tourism area in Quy Nhon city, to develop a seaportdevelopment plan to welcome international cruise ships. To collaborate withcentral ministries and agencies to speed up investment in upgrading andrenovating Phu Cat Airport. To open a number of domestic and internationalflight routes. To renovate and expand the coastal road from Cat Tien to TamQuan.

To renovate the city and make Quy Nhoncity greener, cleaner and more beautiful. To establish several typicalbeautiful roads in Quy Nhon city. To construct and renovate the roads to martialart schools in Tay Son, Tuy Phuoc districts and An Nhon town... and roads totraditional craft villages; roads connnecting national historical relics in thelocality...

* With regard to supportive system

Priorities are given to attracting famoushotel brands. To construct a cluster of hotels, trade centre, resorts andconferences of domestic and international levels. To invest in high-classrecreation area...

In addition, promotion will be continuedto lure investment and development of different kinds of tourism.






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