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PPC Chairman had a meeting with Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association in Sakai




In friendly atmosphere, on 27th July, at the office of the Provincial People’sCommittee (PPC), Chairman Ho Quoc Dung, Deputies of the PPC and President of Chairman of Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association  and leaders of relevant departments had a meeting with thevisiting delegation of the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association in Sakai.


The Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association led by Mr Hitoshi Kato attended the meeting (First from the left)

Thedelegation was led by Mr Hitoshi Kato– President of the Friendship Association and accompanied byrepresentatives of several enterprises of Japan.

Atthe meeting, Chairman Ho Quoc Dung acknowledged and appreciated contributions of the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association in Sakai in drawingattention of Japanese enterprises to Binh Dinh province lately. However, it is importantthat the leading companies from this nation come to BinhDinh to activate potentials and strengths of the province in most areas.

On 25th and 26thJuly 2016, theDepartment of Agriculture and Rural Development had taken Vegetable Company and Garden Design Company of theJapan-Vietnam FriendshipAssociation in Sakai to go on field visits to several vegetable growing areas in An Nhon town, Phu My and Vinh Thanh districts.

Duringthe visit, Japanese experts saidthat mostof the areas surveyed met the requirements for organic vegetable production andwere committed to supporting farmers in signing contracts and providing technical guidance to ensure productoutput. In addition, the Japanese partner requested the local government to introduce andsend people of ethnic minorities to Japan so that they could learn about  study production techniques, then transfer thetechniques to people in theregion. It is expected to be agoodchance for people in remote areas to access new and modern technology, improve productivity and generate high quality clean products.

ChairmanHo Quoc Dung expressed the desire that the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Associationin Sakai support in calling for assistance from the aid of the InternationalCooperation Agency of Japan (JICA) for early implementation of the sedimentation prevention project at Tam Quan estuary in Hoai Nhon district and organic vegetable projects in some localities in the province.

Ending the meeting,Chairman Ho Quoc Dung thanked the Association and Mr Sakai and Mr HitoshiKato for actively supporting Binh Dinh in implementing significant projects whichwere expected to improve livelihoods of local people and contribute to protecting the environment. He alsowished the relationship of Binh Dinh province and the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association in Sakai to be more and more fruitful in numerousareas.





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