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Promising signs from Japanese fishing gear and technology transfer project for ocean tuna fishing




With great support of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)and Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association in Sakai, Japan 8 months after thecommencement of the Japanese fishing gear and technology transfer project for oceantuna fishing, the fisheries sector of Binh Dinh has shown very importantimprovement.


The fishing fleet inthe tuna fishing project

Accordingly, Binh Dinh was chosen by the Ministryof Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to be a pilot locality; 25 fishingboats were selected and 25 tuna fishing gears were installed and renovation wasmade for storage system, cooling tanks to meet the requirements.

Therefore, from the beginning 2016 until now, theprovince has organised for the fishing fleets to  conduct four fishing trips with the support offive technicians guiding for each trip. The outcomes have beenpromising with 2,477 tuna caught (total weight is 101,780 kg). The Departmentof Agriculture and Rural Development, Japanese specialists and Binh DinhFisheries Joint Stock company (BIDIFISCO) and fishermen select tuna with goodquality to export to Japan.

Under current regulations, for each kilogramof fish eligible for export to Japan, fishermen are subsidised with 50,000VND. In addition, BIDIFISCO organises purchasing, quality assessment andtuna export for the fishing fleets of the project. In addition, procurementmethod is being improved and fishermen are provided with VND 3,000/kg of tunacaught using the Japanese technology.

In general, the participants of the project have madeendless efforts in implementing the project. However, in order to carry out theproject successfully, Binh Dinh People’s Committee has requested the MARD toassist the area in organising the transport of fish caught to the shore, tosuport Binh Dinh in producing sashumi products with good quality; to increasetrade promotion and tuna export markets and in building brand name for BinhDinh tuna.





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» Celebrating 44th National Day Anniversary of Lao PDR (12/05/2019)

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