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Meeting with Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association in Sakai city




Onthe morning of 06/8/2014, at theProvincial People’s Committee Office, the PPC Chairman Le Huu Loc met with MrHitoshi Kato, Chairman of Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association in Sakaicity, President of Kato group and fisheries specialists.


Onthe local government side, there were Madam Tran Thi Thu Ha, Deputy of the PPC;Mr Bui Truong Giang, Head of the General Department of the President Office; MrCao Anh Dung, former General Consulate in Osaka (Japan) and representatives ofrelevant sectors.

Atthe meeting, Chairman Le Huu Loc, appreciated the great support for Binh DInh inboosting ocean tuna catching development, which had received a lot of interestnationwide, especially from the national President. Therefore, Chairman Le HuuLoc wished that the Association would continue to support Binh Dinh in training,teaching fishermen and technical staff exploitation process, treatment andstorage of ocean tuna; and supporting the locality in luring Japanese investorsin establishing boat building sites and renovating fish ports. He also revealedthat Binh Dinh was arranging with commercial banks to provide loans with lowinterest for fishermen so that they could build big boats, buy fishingequipment and devices and increase effectiveness of fishing.

MrHitoshi Kato emphasized “Over the lastthere year, Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association in Sakai and Binh Dinh PPChave cooperated to increase the quality of ocean tuna, so far the outcomes achievedare really encouraging. Tuna from Binh Dinh will be auctioned at the Centre inOsaka, Japan on 08/8/2014 with high priceunder trade name of Binh Dinh”.

In order to further improve the effectiveness offishing and quality of tuna exported to Japan, the locality needs to upgradethe fishing ports, strengthening the fishing fleets with high capacity andtechnological advance should be applied in manufacture process. The Japan-VietnamFriendship Association made commitment to luring Japanese investors to runbusiness in Binh Dinh in the upcoming future.





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