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1.      Development of Nhon Hoi Economic Zone

2.      Electric and Electronic Component Manufacturing and Assembling Plant

3.      Vegetable Oil Processing Plant

4.      Coconut-based Product Processing Plant

5.      Export Seafood Processing Factory

6.      Manufacture of Boat Engines and Fishery Equipment and Tools

7.      Boats for Supplying Fishery Logistic Services and Purchasing Marine Catch at Sea

8.      Export Artistic Pottery Factory

9.      Export Footwear Factories

10.  Export Garment Factories

11.  Household and Industrial Plastic Manufactory

12.  Technology for Dying and Covering the Surface of Granite Tiles

13.  Thermal Power Plant

14.  Geothermal Power Plant

15.  Shipyard

16.  Steel Mill

17.  Tourist areas on Quy Nhon - Song Cau Route and De Gi - Tam Quan Route

18.  Highrise Apartment Buildings

19.  Infrastructure of Industrial Zones and Small-scale Industrial Zones

20.  Trade Centers in Binh Dinh, Phu Phong and Bong Son Townships

21.  High-rise Building for Lease

22.  High Quality General Hospital

23.  Medical Diagnosis Center

24.  High Quality Vocational Training Center

Projects included by the Government in the List of National Projects calling for foreign investment in the 2006 - 2010 period:

1.      Building and Operating Nhon Hoi General Port (USD50 million)

2.      Building and Operating Infrastructure of Nhon Hoi Non-tariff Zone (USD70 million)

3.      Nhon Hoi Urban Area (750ha)

4.      Hai Giang Tourist Area (USD100 - 150 million)

5.      Tan Thanh Tourist Area (USD100 million)


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