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The existing industries of the province include agricultural, forestry and fishery product processing, consumer goods, construction materials, mineral exploiting and processing, export garment and footwear, etc. These industries have been consolidated and combined to facilitate export increase.

There are many high quality products such as wooden furniture, granite tile, titanium, seafood, salangane's nests, sugar, beer, garment, footwear, pharmaceutical products, etc.





Output per annum

Wood products

165,000 m3

Wood chips

200,000 tons

Ilmenite processing

250,000 tons

Frozen seafood

6,500 tons

Sugar industry

40,000 tons

Beer brewery

40 million litres

Granite processing

1.500,000 m3


Up to now, 37 small-scale industrial zones in  Quy  Nhon  City and all districts of the province have been established, of which 19 zones are in operation. Main fields of activities are: processing of food and foodstuff, wooden furniture, small-scale mechanical products, construction materials and consumer goods.


§    Phu Tai Industrial Zone, planned area 341 hectares:

Located at the place where National Roads 1A and 19 meet within Tran Quang Dieu and Bui Thi Xuan Wards,  Quy  Nhon  City, 12 km west of Quy Nhon, only 2km from Dieu Tri Railway Station, and 20km from Phu  Cat  Airport.

Existing industries: Producing and processing furniture and agro-forestry products, granite products, construction materials, etc.

§    Long My Industrial Zone, planned area 210 hectares:

Located at Bui Thi Xuan Ward and Phuoc My Commune,  Quy  Nhon  City, 18km southwest of  Quy  Nhon City, next to Phu Tai Industrial Zone to the west.

Sectors of investment to attract: Producing and processing furniture and agro-forestry products, leather, plastic, rubber products, construction materials and others.

The industrial zone enterprises make up about 25% of industrial share and 45% of export turnover of the province annually and employ more than 22,000 workers.

§    Nhon Hoa Industrial Zone (in An Nhon District, along National road 19): 272 hectares

Located at Nhon Hoa Commune and Nhon Tho Commune, An Nhon District, along National Road 19, 24 km northwest of  Quy  Nhon  City, 18 km south of  Phu  Cat  Airport, 11 km west of Dieu Tri Railway Station.

Sectors of investment to attract: Warehouse, electric and electronic equipment production, agro-forestry processing; general industries (mechanical industry, aluminum and steel rolling and flatting, stone and furniture processing); other industries.

§    Hoa Hoi Industrial Zone (in Phu Cat District): 265 hectares

Located at Cat Hanh Commune, Phu Cat District, along  National Road 1A, 40 km north of  Quy  Nhon  Cityand  Quy  Nhon  Port, 8 km north of  Phu  Cat  Airport, 27 km north of Dieu Tri Railway Station.

Sectors of investment to attract: Agro-forestry processing, fundamental industries (mechanical, metalurgical and electronics industries, IT),  construction material production; other industries.

§    Binh Nghi Industrial Zone (in Tay Son District): 210 hectares

§    Bong Son Industrial Zone (in Hoai Nhon District): 120 hectares

§    Nhon Hoi Industrial Zone in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone (3 zones A, B, C: 1,395 hectares).



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